Jews make Arabs hate us?

If we hadn’t given Israel (Palestine) to the Jews/Zionists, would the Arabs be less angry at Western countries?

No. Not at all.

The US is not responsible for the modern state of Israel. In fact, the USSR voted to create the state of Israel and the Arab states joined the USSR in the cold war. So, their hatred of us is not about Israel. That is just a convenient post hoc excuse/justification.

Also, you should know:

1. The British did not promise the land to Arabs. And the Arabs can’t produce anything to back up that claim.
The British DID promise that the land would be used to create Israel and then reneged on it, giving 80% of it independence in 1946 and renaming it Jordan.

2. No one “gave” any land to anyone. The UN voted to partition into 2 states without ANY affect on ownership, only independence and sovereignty.

Wars have always been fought for land, and the UN merely recognized the winners of the war, the British had planned on giving it over to Arab rule. They did everything possible to insure that the Arabs would be the winners. They backed the wrong horse and the Jews won.

It’s impossible to know how Arabs feel, except every twenty or so years they seem to overthrow their last government or dictator and get new ones. Jews don’t pass out pamphlets on why Arabs should hate Americans, but Arabs are famous for teaching, cradle to grave, their children to hate Jews.

Given the seeming nature of that part of the world, to talk a better game than they fight, and yet to carry grudges throughout centuries, I seriously doubt if they’d be loving us today even if there had been no Jewish state.

Its my understanding that the area belonged to Great Britain and in 1920, and agreement was signed with the Jews that if they helped in WW I, they would get that land. They did not fulfill their written contract. Al Husseini was an Arab leader during the following years. He did not want a Jewish state in that area and he joined forces with Hitle. It was at Al Husseini’s suggestion that Hitler committed genocide against the Jews so that there wouldn’t be any left to claim the territory that was promised to them.

After WW II and the Holocaust, most of the world leaders decided it was time for the formation of Israel as a state. Some Palestinians just left the area not wanting to live in a Jewish state. Others were pushed out yet none of the surrounding Arab states would accept the Palestinians into their countries. After the 6 day war, Israel increased its borders. There have been some very reasonable peace deals made to the Palestinians but Arafat turned them down claiming he just wanted all the Jews gone. Abbas and Hamas will not recognize Israel as a state and continue to lob rockets and commit terrorist acts so how can they ever reach a peace agreement?

No, In the late 40’s the rest of the arab world went and invade taking palestine for themselves.

And the arab world hates us no matter if Isreal existed or not. The English is the reason why they hate us. They conquered the area, and the muslim world have low esteem because of it.

dr killpatient. The funny thing is that the Saudi’s have a secret pact with Israel. They cant support Israel directly, but the Saudis help Israel because Israel keeps the Muslims factions in check. The Saudis do not fear Israel, but fear Iran.

It is the UN, not the United States, which gave land to Israel. Besides, not all Arabs hate us. The Saudis for example, are our allies, as is Kuwait and others. Besides, Iran, which is not an Arabic nation, but a Persian state, hates our guts. BTW, Jews used to live peacefully within Iran and they had done that for centuries. It appears that whenever the people within some Middle Eastern country is angry because their lives suck, the governments in those countries try to channel their anger towards Israel.

The Arabs have a long history of hate towards Western cultures. If you remember the Crusades, that had nothing to do with Jews or Zionism.
It all boils down to Western intervention in Arab countries, and a people who glorify fighting infidels.
They also fight amongst themselves.

No you are wrong Jews don’t make Arabs hate us, the KORAN does, the KORAN makes anyone that does not believe in it, an enemy of the state of Islam.

And any muslim that says they are your friend is a liar… they are either lying in your face, or lying to ALLAH.

The Arabs call jews Apes, and christians Swine, how’s that for establishing a good relationship, yeah teach their children this crap so it’s a generational thing Right!

The British gave them the land, and the Arabs hate the Jews for religious reasons.

“And we arabs take a seat between sand, falafel and camels, proudly pointing on the Pyramids that have been outfitted no longer by potential persons.” wow provide up there, do no longer take the credit! no longer all Arabs outfitted the Pyramids, it grew to become into basically the Egyptians |Our great instructor and chum whom we call Abu Ala, “the father of the Aristocracy” ( the stupid and blind West calls him Adolph Hitler and considers him the final conflict criminal in background) additionally hated Jews and left to us Muslims the order to kill them” on no account in my existence have i met an Arab who likes Hitler ever….ever..

If there were no Jews, the Muslims would still hate westerners. Europeans and Americans.

Israel they say is little Satan, America is big Satan.

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