Liberals, when the government has run out of other people’s money are they gonna come after yours?

Yes, the libs are going to have to pay just like the rest of us but they don’t figure on that when they are so gung ho on voting to spend more. They are also really fine with the massive spending because they think the government is going to take care of them. The government is going to run your life the way they run everything else; in a substandard manner and all of us will suffer. The only ones who benefit from the massive spending are those who are here illegally and getting every benefit possible and those who are on the dole and feeling everyone else owes them; it is pure insanity and most of us have had it with this way of dealing with things. I am a person who faces my responsibilities in a sensible manner. I work 3 jobs to make ends meet and don’t expect any one else to take care of my needs. I pay for my bills and when I can’t afford something, I don’t get it. Not so with the Dems and Libs who think we have unlimited funding. We have to vote the brainless out of office and put people who are responsible in their place. Until we put an end to this insanity, we will be in major financial trouble.

EDIT To Armchair Goddess: You may have seen a lot take place in the years you have been on earth but you haven’t learned a lot about economics and how the Dems have been hell-bent on spending us into oblivion. What I have earned is not theirs. What the successful have earned is being taxed at a very high rate and that is causing problems in the economic world. You make the successful pay such a high percentage of their income that they will not continue working in the US; they will move elsewhere. If the shoe were on the other foot, you might feel differently.

You tell everyone to vote Democrat and that is not going to happen. The Nation is disgusted with the way the Dems and Libs have handled things. They blame it all on George W. Bush but guess what, he didn’t do near the damage that this administration has done and the Kool Aid drinkers who vote for spending without reading bills are out of their minds. Do you sign contracts without even reading them? I sure don’t.

The Tea Party Group and the Republicans, Conservatives and Independents will make their choice in November and you will see a lot of changes that WE can believe in.

It is going to take a long, long time to recover from the mess this administration has left us with.

Because it expands the influence government can have on society. Socialistic policies rely on the premise that government is capable of solving all of societies problems if you simply give it the chance to. In reality the more powerful government becomes, the more difficult it becomes to manage it. What you end up with is ridiculously wasteful spending and corruption. Most of the wastefulness is due to the fact that the government spends money that was never really theirs to begin with. This lack of personal attachment to the money they spend allows government to spend either too much money on something or simply spend money on things that should never been paid for to begin with (repairing fences with stimulus money). Historically the public sector, i.e. businesses, have always been the best at providing the public with services they want and at a good price. You can’t strengthen an economy with government spending, because you first have to weaken the economy through taxation in order to spend that money in the first place. Weakening the economy easily leads to further weakening, just as strengthening easily leads to further strengthening.

Liberals are jealous of people who are successful and produce revenue they want their share without the hard work it took to make that money.
I’ll bet that because Ford Mo Co was successful the UNIONS led by communist thinkers will attack and strike against Ford.
If I was Ford I would move out of Detroit and let them strike.
The libs like Charlie Rangle and others prove over and over they think they are above the law. And like wise to many Republicans play the same game vote out libs and moderates and vote in conservatives who will produce jobs and income.
Stupid libs take money but never produce money. Even Kerry married a rich republican then try to hide his boat worth millions in another state to avoid paying taxes. Which he should have but it is hypocrisy that caught up with him. So what it is his wife money anyway. Kerry is just another example of the left living off the Right.
Name one poor person who made another person rich. I can name a lot of rich people who employ other people so they can buy homes, cars and computers. So says we are entitled to anything other than a chance?
The people who are wealthy have taken risks the poor are afraid to take risks.

My dear young’un…(I’m 65, so most everyone these days is young to me…lol), the United States government (in fact, ALL governments) are funded by revenues from “other people” (and that “other people” category includes the “yours” to which you make reference. Revenues are usually derived from taxpayers (our first major source) and by royalties paid from off-shore oil drillers (our 2nd major revenue source). Now it seems that the real focus of your question—that UNSPOKEN element—is government spending, as in “spending more than the revenues bring in,” which has been true under the Republicans but which was NOT true under President Clinton, when the wealthiest 1.5% of Americans were required to pay their fair share into our Treasury and thus increase our nation’s revenues—the tax revenues that pay for our highways and roadways, all infrastructure, schools and colleges, the U.S. Post Office, bridges and tunnels, mass or public transportation, Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security, libraries, national parks, social services, and so on.

Would your mind be put at ease if you learned that the Democrats and President Obama have drastically CUT spending? They have. How about if you learned that the Democrats and President Obama have REDUCED OUR GOP-CAUSED MULTI-TRILLION-DOLLAR DEFICIT by 8% (as reported by Reuters and Washington Post a few weeks ago on Yahoo’s Home Page news). They have. Our government under DEMOCRATS and under this Fiscally Conservative President Obama that we chose to lead this nation to fiscall SANITY and economic growth is struggling mightily to LIVE WITHIN ITS MEANS! What this means for you and other Americans is that the prosperity during the Clinton presidency is on its way back under the Obama administration’s wise and frugal leadership. We are getting pay-backs from banks because Democrats wisely set limits on the salaries fatcat bankers who took Bush’s bailouts can give themselves until they DO pay us back in full WITH INTEREST (so far we’ve received $181 BILLION from 14 of them). Our INCOME is slowly beginning to rise, and our OUTGO is gradually being reduced by the Obama administration. Even those not all that gifted in math should be able to see that this is stepping in a POSITIVE direction.

Have faith and patience, and VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS in November.

For an answer, study the history of communist takeovers, first ones to go ar the Journalists, then the Proffessors, then the books and then they confiscate your earnings, check it out.

Not to worry.. all the rich Libs have their money hidden in Dubai…take their money??? silly you.

We all need to pay our fair share in providing the best quality of life for all citizens, not just the ones that the right thinks deserve it.

Yes, they already have by raising taxes on everything.

I’m part of the other people.

Boy you need some help…see your local shrink.

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