Ok so my mom and my aunt (sisters) have been MJ fans since the Jackson5 came around. my aunt got married in 1983 and was pregnant with twins in 1985. when she had twins she decided to named them Billy (boy) and Jean(Girl). i wasnt really born in the 80’s so i didnt know why my aunt picked those names for my…

i just turned 13 2day so yeah im kinda too yung 2 be thinkin’ abt that 2 but i PROBABLY would!!!!!! im not just saying this b/c its MJ but i REALLY AND TRUELY think Michael is a cute name!! i like it!! my sister called me Michelle 1 time(that’s not my name at all!!) i looked at her puzzled and she said”u know thats the female version of Michael” and i laughed so hard!! the reason y she said that was b/c i think i was telling her something abt him or either singing 1 of his songs out loud. that was sooo funny!!

That’s kind of cool how their names tie to together with Michael. He was a good guy to be named after!

I’d definitely consider using Joseph as a middle name, but Michael and Jackson are too popular/common. And I would also think about using the initials M.J.J or even just MJ.

I also think Prince is a cool name! I might consider that, too.

That is cool the way your aunt named her faternal twins after MJ’s song Billie Jean. I would have never thought of that.
But I’d probably have done the same or used ‘Diana’ from the song Dirty Diana.

Haha, I have a similar story; my aunt was a huge MJ fan, and wanted to name her daughter ‘Billie Jean’, but my uncle thought naming the child after an MJ song was – and I quote – ‘gay’. So they agreed to meet in the middle, and my cousin’s name is Bella Jean which I think sounds really cute.

OMG! that is so awesome. And that is a neat idea I might name my boy Michael, but your right it is definitely very common, but billie and jean are very cute names! We could also name our kids Diana or Annie lol. But anyway that’s really cool!

LOL thats so cool 🙂
i know a girl called billie jean, and shes named after the song billie jean. shes not even a fan of him much lol!
you’d think shed be one.
im gonna call my son michael, when im older. 🙂

haha thats so cool!
I wish I was named after a Michael Jackson song, I was born in the 80’s after all lol. But my name’s Kristen haha. Darn.

But I want to name my son Jackson after him… when I have kids that is lol, I’m only 20. xD

thats such a good idea to name the twins billy and the other jean hahah i like it =)

Omg that is soo cool my cousin is pregnant of a baby boy and I keep telling her to name him Michael Jackson but she doesnt want to lol!

You know what’s even more ironic?

There’s a woman named “Billie Jean Murray”

Talk about freaky realization, huh?

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