My boyfriend wants to visit his ex girlfriend that he cheated on me with?

My boyfriend cheated on me with his ex girlfriend and lied about it for 3 months before I found out. They only kissed, but the fact that he lied about it gets to me.

His ex lives in England, where he used to live. When he went on vacation there, at the beginning of our relationship, he kissed her. He said it…

You need to tell your boyfriend,
“You need to figure out what you want, If your not man enough to tell me that you kissed your ex, until I found out 3 months later, then we don’t need to be together. And if you go to England, theres no telllin what Ill do. (friends name) told me about some killer parties that are about to throw down, and when I get drunk, since your not going to be here, theres no tellin’ what I’ll do.”

Tell him you need time off. That you gave him one last chance and If he blows it by going to England and ******* up with his Ex, it’ll be the worst mistake of his life, and that you Truly will be done with him for good, no more chances.

It’s not wrong, but he should understand your fears 100%. sit down and explain your mind to him. ask him not too go see her voluntarily, and to avoid her as much as possible. If he agrees to that, chances are good that he really is over her, and that it won’t happen again. Any good boyfriend would comply with those wishes, especially because he cheated with her. If she is really close to all his other friends, perhaps your boyfriend should tell his friends he doesn’t want a party, that he would rather hang out with them one on one. That way there is no way she can come into contact with him unless she shows up on his doorstep. Hope this helps your decision 🙂

He’s bull-crapping about not having any control over what his friends do. Come on. If he really didn’t want them to invite someone, they shouldn’t. The fact is that he wants to see her and is going to. Now it’s ultimatum time. Unless you always want to be worrying about his relationship with her and his commitment to you, tell him he either refrains from seeing her indefinitely or he breaks up with you. That’s it.

Girl, he cheated on you with her. Of course, you are going to get worried about it. And it isn’t wrong for you to tell him to not see her. You should just keep tabs on him, maybe ask one of his England friends to keep watch, or possibly talk to her about it. Or her boyfriend.

Seriously, why are you still with him? Sounds like a dog to me. If he “just” kissed her last time there’s no telling what will go on next time. I can’t believe he was even that honest about it.

Let him go.

Don’t let him come back, either.

Why is he still your boyfriend?

drop him

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