My son just turned 2 years old on 3/27/2010.. my family insist he should be potty trained, but is he ready?

This is my first child, and I’m sure others have encountered the family members that mean well… and they try to tell you what you’re doing right & wrong as a parent because you’re a “new” mom or dad… well my family is telling me that my son is too old to not be potty trained.. and that I…

If he’s not showing interest and can’t even tell you when he’s gone in a diaper then he’s far from ready. He’s just now turned 2. My son didn’t really show the interest until he was 2 1/2 and he just turned 3. We’re almost done and there, but even when potty trained they will still have accidents now and then.
I’d tell your family to stop brining it up and that when your child is ready then you’ll proceed in that direction. Don’t let them tell you what is or isn’t good for your child or how you should parent. It’s not for them to decide or interfere with. I’d also make it clear that they are not to pressure your child either about it as that will cause big resistance later when the time is right.
He’s barely just now 2. Some kids are ready at that point, but from what you described I wouldn’t push it. Give it a few months and then maybe read some books to him about how big kids use the potty. There are plenty of those out there. See if after reading a few of those he shows any initiative or interest in doing so, but don’t push or force. If he comes into the bathroom with you then let him sit in there and talk to him about how a big boy uses the potty and when he’s ready he can learn to do it to. When he does finally show the interest in the potty then let him pick out the potty he wants to use and proceed from there. If he does have some success in the beginning make a big deal out of it. Some kids respond to stickers, others to a couple M&M’s or even little toy dinosaurs or cars. Find what works for him and you that can be done. When he’s ready he’ll let you know by telling you he’s dirty and wants changed. He’ll be able to tell you “I went pee” or “I pooped” when he’s done it. He’ll show interest in wanting to sit on the potty and try. He may even wake up from nap or in mornings dry showing he’s developing the muscle control needed to take a step towards potty training as well. Until those things are in place don’t force it and don’t let other people in your family force you into it either.

I am a granny too and thought as your Mum, kiddies should be potty trained as early as possible and told my daughter the same. Well her little boy is now 2 and 3 months and he does not show any interest at all and screams his head off if sat on his pot. My daughter told me she tried everything, with a Sweet, then by showing him pictures and reading to him, BUT he does not like sitting on the potty Full Stop. So now she’s is going to stop that for a bit and then ask his Dad to take him to the Loo and show him what he does when he wants a wee, you never know he might get interested. You cant force a child – I was lucky as I had twins and while they sat on the pot they amused each other so Low and Behold I got an early result or two as the case happen to be. So don’t worry about it, keep trying if you want to, or else just wait a while.

You shouldn’t force a child to potty train because it will actually make them not potty train sooner. My response to know-it-all friends and relatives is to smile and nod and keep doing what I’m doing. I introduced both of my kids to the potty at one year. They knew it was there and what it’s purpose was, but my daughter didn’t decide to use it consistently until almost 3 and a half. My son is a little over 3 now and goes sometimes. They go when they’re ready. Just let them know it’s there and gently encourage them to use it, and they eventually will.

I just want to ‘second’ what others have said to reassure you–2 is very young, especially for a boy. Some people start potty training around 2, but it’s not likely to be successful for a long time when you start that earlier. If you wait longer, it will be quicker and smoother with him. Wait until you see all the signs:
–interest in the potty: taking about it, watching others use it, etc.
–ability to pull on and off his pants by himself.
–awareness that he is about to pee or poop and can tell or signal to you that it’s going to happen.
–ability to go hours without wetting his diaper (this is not by his choice, just a physical change)
–interest in staying clean, like wanting to wash his hands when they’re dirty, wanting to move away from pee or poop if he accidentally goes on the floor, or wanting you to change a wet or dirty diaper.
–the concentration and memory skills to follow a complicated process of all the steps it takes to use the potty.

Good luck! He may be ready, but it’s rare for a boy to be ready that early.

2 years old is very young to start potty training, especially for a boy. My son is 2.5 and is just starting to show the very beginning signs of being ready to try. It will be a while before he is actually ready to take the first step.

Some kids are ready by 2, but mostly it is girls and not very many at that.

My son was 3 years and 3 months old before he was potty trained. He is now over 5 and still has to wear Pull-Ups to bed. We tried and tried…everything we could think of and he just didn’t seem to get it.

One day, he just decided he wanted big boy underwear and that was it. 2 might be ok if he was showing an interest, but if you’re happy and he’s happy in a diaper, I wouldn’t push it. You risk him regressing if he is pushed to train before he is ready.

To your family members who claim they had their children trained at 2 years or younger…tell them thanks for the insight and when you are ready to start training your son, you will take that advice into consideration.

Remember…families will alwyas have opinions on how to raise your children “better.” You just gotta take it all with a grain of salt!

Good luck!

not really. its good that he is showing interest in the potty so it doesn’t freak him out when he flushes for the first time. my son turned 2 on oct. 25 and he goes to pee a few times a day, no pooping yet but we are working on it. wait a few more months and see what he does then. if he seems to show interest in using the potty take him and let him pick out a little potty just for him. my son likes pooh bear, so i bought him a pooh bear potty. it’s more for a girl (no pink) but so what? he uses it and that is what matters. potty training can be tough, keep encouraging people around you.

You can try but he probably isn’t ready, but hey… you never know. If he isn’t interested yet though don’t waste your time. I have been actively trying to potty train my 2 1/2 year old son for 6 months and he has yet to go potty ONCE in there! lol So I decided recently to put it off and pick it back up in a month or 2. Boys tend to master it later than girls.

My pediatrician said “Don’t expect to have any luck before 2 1/2, most boys can’t control their bladder until then.”

There is absolutely no point in potty training a child who cannot “hold it.” They may be able to get the concept, but they will repeatedly fail and it will just be a long miserable experience for both of you. Stand up for yourself and your son. He’s probably not ready and there’s no need to force him. It shouldn’t take months and months to potty train a kid – when they are READY, they can pick it up quite quickly.

You’d know better than anyone, and as long as you’re happy dealing with diapers still, there really isn’t an issue yet. Boys tend to potty train later than girls, and seem to do better closer to age 3. I would just pay attention to his cues and introduce him to the toilet.

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