Not hating on black american women.. but why is it that when some of you guys choose to date interracially..?

You only focus on dating predominately white american men, what about the asian men or hispanic men??..

Just wondering..

Asian Oriental men are generally too puny, Asian Indians are datable because they look somewhat like black men. Lots of Hispanic men are mixed with black and the real Mexican men are also short and puny.
Next to black men, white men look the most manish, that’s why.

Probably because there are just more white american men around. They’re the majority. I personally went on a date with an asian guy but not a hispanic and it’s not because of anything in particular because I have seen some hot hispanic men. And it’s not just american men, I dated a romanian man who could barely speak English for about four months.

They hate because the cant handle the fact that two people love eachother regardless if the other is a different race. Ive dated both black and asian women and i have experienced threats from black guys and members of the asian community. Its just how it is women will always have it the worse. Just ask any white women who dates black men im sure she has stories of others saying stuff about her for dating a black man. My parents for instance, they have no problem with me dating a ethnic girl but they do have a problem when my sister dates an ethnic man. My dad gave my sister a long lecture the other day cause she went on a date with a black guy. Women do have it the worse.

Well I am in college, at a majority white university so I am surrounded by white men so I have dated a few. I don’t discriminate when it comes to dating. Ive dated all types of men including Hispanic and Asian too

I prefer black men, not just American either. Hispanic men are attractive and so are Asian men. I also think Caucasian men look nice too. I’m attracted to most races of men. That’s it. You are all just men to me.

Well, white men are typically the opposite of black men, as far as races go; this may be what they are looking for to begin with.

There are also far more white men out there

The same can be said for any other non-white woman. Whites are the majority in America. People tend to flock to the majority. Plus, Asians are very culture-centered so most probably wouldn’t go for blacks anyway.

I date Latino men, and I like Asian guys too, but White guys approach me a lot more than Asian guys do! lol

Not me, now if I date interracially I prefer Korean or Chinese. I was married to a white guy, but I feel more comfortable with Black or East Asian men.

I guess because they are because they are around white men more. They know white men better than asian and hispanic men.

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