Peace091 – Will a nuclear war likely to happen?

I would like to share with you what will happen very, very soon. This is not to scare you. I just want that you become aware of this eventuality because you are my fellow human beings and I love you, so that you will be prepared when it happens.

A nuclear war will become a reality. I do not know exactly when…

It could very well be and something to look out for.
Thank You 🙂

I think that on the current course tactical nuclear weapons will be used in the Arab world to save Israel. But massive nuclear war like what was feared between America and The Soviet Union won’t happen.

The Holy Spirit told you this? In a dream, vocally, through someone?

Yes USA may go to such extent of madness ,

But still Nukes will not be decisive this time ,

Presently going on “global war on terror” is simply a war of ,

So USA can not Nuke the WISDOM.

No one will be here to tell anyone about it. No one has learnt by any other wars from history or the present it still does the same thing it kills and also causes greed.

No, becuase the one who fires first knows his destruction is certain through the Mutual assured destruction policy.

The question is, do we get to wear cute hats when we join your cult?

If so, where do I sign up?

You douche bag

To summarise, no.

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