Puppy problems?!?

If you have any past expierences or answers to these questions, I would really appreciate it.

1)My 2 month old puppy is constantly chewing on her collar and pulling it when I walk her. Some people have told me that she is trying to walk me, but I think it is a bad habit. How do I fix this problem?

2)My puppy…

1) Your two month old puppy is trying to show that she is the boss by controlling where she goes. Everytime that she does this, take her in the opposite direction that she wants to go or just stand around for a bit if she does it when you are not moving.

2) Nutri-source dry puppy/dog food is not good. It does not have all the nutrients and it tends to make dogs sick. I used to gve my dog that but she wouldn’t eat it and it would get moldy, unlike any other dog food. I would suggest gradually changing her food. Also, she may be allergic to this food.

3) You can buy some spray to spray on anything that she shouldn’t be chewing on but does. This has no smell but has a horrible taste. Although beware, some dogs are strange and tend to like the taste, as my dog does. Also, take anything that she is chewing on away from her unless it is hers.

4) This is just anxiety disorder. She is afraid that she will be abandoned. Has she been abused as a puppy or did your older dog have her so you know her past. You need to start leaving somebody else with her or start leaving for like 15 mins and then gradually get longer, giving her a treat when you get back.

1) maybe she just has a strong need to CHEW…. get her a Kong toy to entertain her when you are gone… AND… coat her collar and leash with hot pepper sauce which worked for me where bitter apple did NOTHING! I found the cheapest, hotest, pepper sauce I could and put it on plants and ANYTHING my girl chewed. She’s probably teething….

2) Since she’s so young, try feeding her by hand, a piece at a time to see if you can slow her down…. OR… put some gravy (one dog food co. makes gravy -or- make your own) on the kibble to change her gulping. She’s throwing it up partially digested food because she’s not digesting it. She’s not chewing it. She’s gulping it down way too fast and the emesis with phlegm is the result.

You might need to start her on moist dog food and slowly add kibble in hopes of eventually putting her back on kibble.

3) HOTEST OF THE HOT PEPPER SAUCES. This does the trick…
Also, put up and away shoes and clothing. When it comes to furniture, and more so, arms and legs, give her 2 quick fingers to the nose fast and firm enough that she feels it. It’ll startle her. As you do it, say NO BITE.

I have a 5 year old great pyrenees who drove me crazy as a pup with all her chewing of our clothing and even some of our furniture.

4) Restrict her to the kitchen or bath where the floor is easy to clean. Don’t leave her with food when you go until the gulping and vomiting are stopped. Water – DEFINITELY a MUST. Nylabone is fine, and a Kong toy as I said above would be a good addition. That will keep her busy while you’re gone. I got a ball that was purposely unbalanced and rolled really strange for my girl. It entertained her.

Not real sure, haven’t had pup problems that severe. Maybe collar could be a little tighter or she just is not use to it. You could try a harness. The Puppia brand soft harness are great and it is comfortable. Or you could try a chock collar. I personally don’t like them.
I think you should talk to the vet about the food. Is she getting too hungry before you feed her. Try leaving dry food their all the time.
The chewing all puppies do while they are cutting teeth. You can’t allow her to chew on you at all.
Scream real loud to startle her then,tell her very firmly, no bite.
their are things you can buy and spray on furniture to keep her from chewing on it. Also telling her a firm no.

Other chews, dogs really like are pig ears and the raw hides

The puking when you leave her is bad separation anxiety.

When you leave her confine her in a crate or playpen or at least to one room.
Take her to the vet to make sure their is nothing wrong and they can give you good advise, about the food and chewing.

She sounds very hyper, you never said what kind of dog.

All puppies take a lot of patience. I hope this help’s, Good luck.

1) If she is chewing her collar, tighten it. If you meant to say leash, then I would get some bitter apple spray (found at any pet store) and spray the leash so it tastes bad and she will no longer chew it
2) Take him to the vet and tell him that your dog barfs everything that he eats. If he doesn’t have any health problems, then follow this: My puppy never chewed his food either, he was like a vacuum. How much are you feeding her? What Breed is she? An 8 week lab should get about a fourth a cup, 4 times a day. Use that as a judgment, or look at the back of the dog food bag for a very general idea. Whatever you feed her, divide it into four meals. If you feed her too much, she will throw it up because her stomach is not that big. I know you are going to say “but she acts like she is starving all the time”- all puppies do, you just have to do what is best for them. I add water to my dogs food to slow him down, it works. You could put a few large rocks in the bowl that he has to work around to get the food, that would slow him down. You’re right, he is not getting the nutrients that he needs.
3) Honestly, the best solution to this problem is to ALWAYS watch him, and put all things that she can chew out of his reach. You could bitter apple some items is you wanted.
3.5) I made 3.5 into a guide to keep him from biting you. Try screeching with a loud voice first, try to imitate the sound a yelping puppy would make and then ignore him for 2 minutes. This is what a dog would do to him if he bit too hard. DO NOT physically punish him, it accomplishes absolutely nothing. You are right, he is play biting, it is not aggression and “showing your dominance” will not help anything. If screeching + Ignoring does not work, you can put 1/2 and 1/2 vinegar and water into a squirt gun and squirt it in/at his mouth when he bites. Try to avoid the eyes. It works, but screeching should always be tried first.
4) Once again, either you are feeding him too much-very possible considering you said that you left him with food, or you need to get him to the vet. I wouldn’t leave her with water because she will make a mess and have to go out. If anything, withhold water for about an hour before you leave her. For the barking, that is normal for a puppy. She wants to be with you, but if you give in to her barking, the barking will only get worse. NEVER answer to the barking. Ignore it. When she has been quiet for about 15 minutes, you can go get her and play with her-I’m assuming that she is in a confined area when you leave, if not, please crate train. Crate training makes it easier on the dog when he is at the vet or the groomers bc they crate them at both of those places. Crate training will also make your life easier for house-breaking and you will have a safe place to put him when you just need a break. Good Luck!!! Puppyhood is hard, but it will only get easier.

1) It seems to me that she is chewing on her collar because she doesn’t want to be on a leash. Maybe some obediance school will help.

2) Do you feed the puppy multiple times per day or just once daily? I would probably limit the puppy to maybe 1/4 of cup per feeding several times that way it doesn’t eat so much so fast. Or maybe even switch the food.

3) Is she only chewing while you are gone? If so its probably seperation anxiety which is most likely the answer to # 4. Your best answer is to crate her while you are gone she can probably be crated for about 3 hours at a time.

Your puppy may grow out of this, but some dogs are know to chew all the time and just don’t seem to stop when they grow up either..
It appears to me that you are doing all the right things..I am not an expert but have owned a few dogs and cats and have had problems with some and other none..
She is telling you when you leave she doesn’t want you gone..she may adjust to you coming and going in time tho..
Good Luck

1.) 2 months is too early to start serious training…she is not past the fear imprinting stage yet…..just a few more weeks

2.) Soften the food with water before feeding

3.) Replace everything she chew at with the nylabone or the nylarope…I suggest both…don’t use anything else….

4.) She is too young to be left alone long…see #1 above….becareful not to imprint fearful things yet….

About the food….try to feed her very small amounts at a time. Or break the food up so she wont choke on it.

Whenever you catch her chewing on something…tell her “No” and put a toy and front of her….wiggle it around and when she bites on to that praise her.

Do not leave her alot of food. But leave plently of water. Buy her some kind of toy that moves around alot. Like those mouse toys that move on hard surfaces.

Don’t give it human food. He’s to young and some human food can be toxic for dogs. Just be patient try to hand feed a few pieces. Mine did the same thing. If he is still energetic and acting fine he’s probably OK. If he seems lethargic or begins to vomit the food back up or gets loose stool call the vet ASAP! other wise try not to freak out yet. Just takes some time to adjust.

an 8 week old puppy should not be left alone for that amount of time. it needs to go out every 45 minutes or so.

she should not be walking anywhere but your back yard. the danger of it getting parvo is just horrendous. parvo can live for up to 2 years just in the grass, you walk the puppy through it & it gets it.

you should be feeding her 4 times a day – small amounts & put it down flat so she slows down when eating.

if she is throwing up that much then of course she is not getting the benefit from it & it may even make her glucose levels drop & she may have seizures because of it

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