Should a 6 year-old girl see the movie Twilight or the Harry Potter movies?

I say she is too young for these and should see children’s movies. Let them be a kid for awile and not be exposed to that stuff yet. When do you think is the right age to see these types of movies?

she could watch harry potter, but twilight would probably scare her

I don’t think there’s a correct age limit to watch a film for any child, what the child needs to be able to do is to comprehend what the film is about and to enjoy all the characters and events in the story without being frightened or scared etc.This only applies if we’re talking about movies that are decents and aren’t too gory or have sexual content that a young child shouldn’t see and wouldn’t understand.

I would say the Harry Potter series would be a better choice between the two because it has a more friendly storyline and not much violence whereas Twilight is a teen-love story between a vampire and a girl which a six year old probably wouldn’t understand and might get frightened by some of the vampire scenes. I hope this helped answer your question. :J

The first two Harry Potter films are only rated PG and are more suitable for children, so I think those would be okay. But Twilight and the later Harry Potter movies are more violent and dark so I would probably hold off, especially if she gets scared easily.

My 5 yr old baby brother loves the Harry Potter movies. No one, not just kids should watch twilight though. It just pollutes the mind with teenage sexuality. The only reason girls who like the twilight series and the twilight movie is because they’re at that age when they start fantasizing about boys and their bodies. SICK.

depends on how mature she is, if she can handle some of it, let her see the first harry potter, but otherwise, not twilight or any other of the harry potter. my uncle read harry potter to me and my sister when we were seven, and then we saw the movie. twilight and the PG 13 harry potters should been seen either at 10 or 13, and the other PG Harry Potters at 8

hope this is acceptable to you, and childrens movies are good for them, but dont just stick with the G movies, just like a little bit of dirt acctually helps your imune system, a little bit of mild violence is ok.

I say no.

Harry Potter 1 is aimed at children that are 11 years old, HP2 aimed at 12 year olds, so on and so forth.

Twilight is a romance and I believe it is aimed at 16 and 17 year olds, but can be suitable for those that are 13 and older, depending on their maturity.

I wouldn’t send a six year old to either movie.

Twilight- too sexual
Harry Potter- too violent/scary

I think the youngest a child should be in order to see twilight should be 9-11.
I think the youngest a child should be able to see Harry Potter is around the age of 9.

I wouldn’t say. Twilight has Vampires, even though the Cullen’s are nice, the other vampires in the end arn’t are they tries to kill Bella. Harry Potter got Wizards casting spells and trying or even sometimes kill people. For the age, it would depend on how mature and if she gets scared easily.

i think to really understand the movies, she should watch twilight when she is around 12. and for harry potter, i think those movie would probably scare her so maybe around 12, too.

no twilight or harry potter 3,4 and 5 there to scary for a 6 year old

Happy Potter yes, it is a teens movie but most kids will understand it. Twilight has a more adult setting that kids may not be interested in

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