Story about Americans soldiers dead in Iraq?

I hear (from so many Iraqis) that they saw American soldiers dead and thrown (by the military itself) in the river or in some other places in different parts of Iraq, I couldn’t believe it, but could it be true, if yes, why do they do that, is it because they don’t have citizenship or family members in the…

so u talk to the iraqis often? lol i think you are full of it. My brother in law is over there & its not like that.

You probably didn’t come up with it, but they sure the hell did! Unless you’re one of them, spewing more ugly propaganda Someone needs to tell the lyin bastards in Iraq and their sympathizers that propaganda,to be effective, must be the truth. If they believe by spreading lies they are spreading propaganda, WRONG! They are spreadfing lies.

I believe the problem is, these people are mostly pathological liars,they don’t know when they are telling the truth or lying anymore, their lives are one big lie. What a sad way is that to live!

I don’t beleive that, and why would the military be throwing their own soldiers in the river. Why would you be even talking to Iraqis in the first place.

They must be confused….they probably said American soldiers throwing dead Iraqis into the river….

Not really an answer to your question, but did you see the story on the mother of a US soldier who was told one story about how he died, that she believed, until one of his buddies came home and told her the truth?
Turns out that the Iraqi soldiers that he was training shot him in the back!!!!!!!!
How do we know who to trust????

it incredibly is exactly why warfare is taken into consideration one of those terrible element. The harmless consistently look to go through the main. I even have consistently believed the wonderful thank you to settle those issues is to have the leaders only duke it out in a boxing ring. i’m not making gentle of the challenge, lots of my kin have severed interior the US militia for the time of distinctive wars. They in no way finally end up suitable, warfare is in no way honest.

They’re full of crap. American Soldiers don’t do such things.

If they seen this happening, it was insurgents dressed like American Soldiers.

THEY NEVER LEAVE A SOILDER BEHIND!!! I lost my fiance in Iraq in 2005 and I tell you what his team laid their lives on the line to get his body out of there. They all knew he was gone but they did what they had to do.

The US gov. has already been caught sneaking the American dead into warehouses away from the press in order to hide the death toll numbers. And now you ask me do I believe this?

LOL, you already know my answer!

Why would they do that?

Because the US gov. don’t want the sheeple to think they are losing the war on fake terror.

3,000 dead my a**. It would be more like 30,000!

If you heard that story, it must be erroneous…And where are the Iraqis you hear from?
Do you actually believe this dribble?

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