The only people not liking Trumps immigration speech. Are those who are Illegal or those making money off of Illegals. Common sense wins.?

Actually, its much more than than. Thanks for asking this important question.
It is illegal to overstay one’s visitors visa and/or creep across the border without permission.
We must keep out law breakers from abroad especially those who we spend upwards of 50,000 dollars a year in collected tax dollars to incarcerate.
Lets keep that money in our pockets and send them back to where they came from.
Besides, illegal intruders in your home and mine often have little choice, one they have entered the US but to behave like rats that live in rat holes creeping out to, snatch food from us when we are not looking as they soil up the place, because to them it is not their place and they have little or no love for us. Many illegal immigrants survive daily by committing crimes that make our lives far less pleasant. They rob our homes, steal our identities, and even if we pity them and try to help them they rarely love us back because they came criminally in the first place, wanting what we have and were unwilling to properly wait in line to come in legally.

Do you know what the Mexican government is doing to illegal aliens there? Perhaps you already know what they do: They put them into prison then deport them penniless.
Lets stop listening to Killary Clinton’s lies and realize she is a she devil who doesn’t care about you or me unless you are making sizable donations to her wallet.

And about that ‘wall’. Did you know that Obama just increased the height of the wall around the white house? He has 200 armed bodyguards with automatic weapons yet Obama and Killary don’t want you to be protected by a wall or be able too defend yourself. Hello.
Please lets love America because our country is in danger right now and we need to stop injecting invaders into this nation’s blood stream before they attack us from within. We need to awaken those in denial about what kind of people sneak in and hide among us, stealing our identities and using our bank accounts because they are illegally in our country.

I heard a guy on the radio the other day state is reason for not wanting illegal aliens in this country is because he’d had his identity stolen by one.

I’m not in love with Trump for many reasons but he at least he (pretends? who knows) he wants to protect our country and our lives.
We need to wake up as many people as possible before the elections. We need to make them somehow understand Trump (presents himself) as the lesser of two evils.
I’m praying once he gets in he doesn’t do a complete turn around. I’m fearful because it is clear he and the Clintons have been friends for decades. Seems, at times, the way he sabotages himself and divides the Republican Party with unnecessary dickering, he might even be running to help Killary win. He is quite entertaining as Trump was an reality show star; the Trump and Clinton daughters were and are close friends to this day …
Donald Trump and Bill clinton were long time golf buddies and they seemed to be close associates and friends for a long time. Check out this link you don’t believe it.…

They sure are putting on quite a show though, aren’t they? Keeping us entertained, right?

Building a wall is just common sense, drug gangs have taken control of our borders, and even if a wall isnt a 100% then its still a huge improvement that will make it much harder to move drugs in and money out. Its crazy how bad the heroine epidemic is right now and thats a big reason why. There is actually a wall there today, it’s just thats it needs alot of improvement.

No. Of course not. The only people who like it are those who don’t have common sense.

No. Anyone with a real concern for the constitution realizes that Trump’s plan involves ripping it to shreds.

(But not in WASP neighborhoods, so it’s O.K. for short-sighted Trump supporters)

You’re coming for the Catholics? Cool! I’m not Catholic!

Not always, that’s the tragedy of the situation.

and those of us Americans who don’t have easy to pronounce and easy to spell Anglo-Saxon names
I’m positive that if I showed you pictures of a Muslim Cleric , a Greek Orthodox priest and an Orthodox Jewish rabbi dressed in traditional garb that you would say that they were all Muslims

I thought the speech was excellent , comprehensive and I thought the introduction of the families of those killed by illegals was quite powerful .

His speech, like all his podium moments, was just jibberish

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