What do you love/hate about your cat?

I love that my cat is a sweetie & is always in my lap. He sleeps under the blankets with me too, all curled up in my arms.

I hate it when she scratch me.

I have 2 cats. Nala and Salem.

Nala * Pros:
-Always comforts me when I’m upset
-Sleeps on my lap and shoulders
-Sleeps under the blankets with me
-Extremely friendly (She’s never attacked anyone)
-Very playful (She plays tag with me)
-She’s pretty
-Catches bugs on command
-Good with dogs and small animals (Not cats)
-Taps my leg when she wants to eat (It’s the cutest thing)
-She’s very smart and knows what “Wanna eat?”, “Wanna look out the window?”, “Let’s go to bed”, and “Can I have a hug?” means
-When something was on fire in the kitchen, she let me and my family know by running through the house and meowing to us

Nala * Cons:
-Meows too much
-Is scared of everyone except for me and my grandmother

Salem * Pros:
-Very playful (He plays fetch like a dog)
-He’s cute
-Social around people
-Has round eyes (Which I’ve never seen on another cat before)
-Hardly ever meows and when he does, it’s very low
-Catches moths, flies..etc
-Sleeps in the bed with me on top of my feet

Salem * Cons:
-Slaps people
-Hates my sister
-Poops next to the litter box sometimes
-Not good with any other animals
-Wakes my grandmother up all the time
-Trouble maker
-Attacks Nala all the time

I have 2 cats and the list of things I love is long:

they sit on my lap
they always greet me when I come home
they sleep next to me at night
they peek or sit on the edge of the tub when I shower
they groom each other
they wrestle and play
they sleep on top of each other they are very affectionate and cute

the only thing I hate is the fur, one of my cats is a black long haired and sheds whawt seems like ponds of fur a week

i like whilst my cat loves on me! He has the character of a human I swear, yet from time to time he could be so impolite!! He even ignores me! lol I hate whilst he desires to bypass outdoors! he will in basic terms sit down on the door and make this undesirable meow/cat call noise and this is adverse to could desire to take heed to!

I love my cat because she is so nice!! and cute!! she sleeps wth me in my bed under the covers, she always sits on my lap! shes always scared though but it so cute. at night, the black parts in her eyes get really big and it look so cute! i love her!!!! 🙂

I hate it when she hisses at me and scratches me and sometimes when she bites me if shes not playing around…

I love when my cat snuggles up to me in bed. I hate it when she jumps on my dresser and knocks everything onto the floor. I hate it when I give her wet food and she takes it out of the bowl and plops it on the floor before she eats it. Weird

I love my kitty so much! I dont know what i would do without her.

The only thing i dont like is that shes not very lovey at all. I want her to sleep with me and jump up on my lap…but she wont 🙁 She does what SHE wants, and what she wants only. lol. Shes alil brat but i love her.

my cat’s name is Zorro
he looks like he is wearing a black tuxedo
over white shirt and socks/gloves

i love his looks
and the way he looks at me
he can be Very serious
or he can look at me tenderly

his nose is pink and wet
and he answers me with the same tone of voice i use!
he is the cutest little furry creature

when i tell him to stop doing something
he just rolls on the carpet and stares at me

i just love the little bastard

Tatiana – I love that’s she’s as cute as can be, how she greats me when I come home, how she loves attention, when she curles up next to me to sleep, her funny antics. I don’t like it when she attacks my legs in the middle of the night in bed.

Anastasia – I also love that’s she’s as cute as can be, her sweet personality, when she jumps up on me to be petted and kneads, when she sleep on me or next to me. I wish she were not as timid as she is.

I just love my boys! I can’t complain about anything. They see me off to work in the mornings and greet me at the door in the evenings 🙂 Nothin’ cheers you up more than little purrs and desperate head-butts!

well me and my cat have been together for 16 years and i love everything about her and she loves to talk to me I don’t know what i would do without she she mean eveything to me and when i mean 16 thats how old she is

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