What is the difference between UFOs and aliens?

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UFO = Unidentified Flying Object
Alien = Michael Jackson

UFO means Unidentified Flying Object, and an alien would be someone from another planet. Alien also means someone from out of the country you live in

A UFO is any unidentified flying object. An Alien is something not from earth. Not all UFOs are alien, because identification of aircraft, especially secret aircraft may be difficult.

^^^ UFO isnt a space craft.. its a unidentified flying object… if the government couldnt tell something was a kite they’d call it a UFO it has nothing to do with aliens

aliens are simply other life forms from different planets bacteria on mars is a alien 😉

UFO’s are the objects aliens fly around in.

UFOs exist, insofar as they are objects or phenomena seen in the sky by reliable witnesses, for which there is no immediately available explanation.

Thee is currently no evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrial life forms.

For what you call UFOs, google/youtube: TR-3B

As for so called ‘aliens’, they are actually called “watchers” or “sons of God”.

Depiction of one named Azazel before the imprisonment [2 Peter 2:4 / Jude 6]:

After Phil Schnieder and the boys dug him up [Amos 9:2]:

A UFO is an unidentifed flying object.Aliens are the ones flying the UFOs.

ufo is the space craft, the alien in the entity lol

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