When Eisenhower deported illegal aliens in the 50’s did the country fall apart after that?

The main argument used by the pro-illegals is that the U.S would crumble and that without the millions of third world invaders we would be worse off.

Well in the 1950’s we had a similar problem a we solved it, we deported them.

Why can’t we do it again?

This is a question worth asking. And when the typical liberal response is just one more time insisting it can’t be done, the rest of us know they’re really just fearful of being without their servants, modern day slaves, or unbelievably cheap criminal labor. Well, okay. At a leadership level, it’s unmistakably about votes.

General Eisenhower was never regarded as a politically driven man who sought power as is so often the case with those elected to lead the country. Instead, he was approached by Republican Party leaders convinced he would serve the country honorably, execute the office faithfully, and offer more of the leadership he was revered for by those who served under him in World War II. When elected President, one of the first major tasks he took on was the repatriation/deportation program that became known as Operation W_e_tback. On the battlefield, one of the highest priorities has always been honoring a commitment against leaving those with whom one served behind, and when he became President, Dwight Eisenhower took that just as seriously. With many millions of servicemen looking for work and opportunities in a workforce that had become glutted with illegal Mexicans during the years around and just after the war, early in his Presidency the War Hero was determined once again to not abandon his men.

He brought in another respected General with whom he served overseas to head up the INS, and General Joseph Swing played a key role together with the President to move forward with expelling millions of illegals from the U.S. Sources appear to vary some with regard to the numbers of Illegal Mexicans deported, but it appeared the numbers detained and processed for deportation reached the hundreds of thousands. As one might expect, and consistent with what we hear in the way of reports of Illegals already packing up to leave Arizona, more than three-quarters of a million undocumented outsiders left on their own during the period Operation W_e_tback was most active sweeping through known Mexican neighborhoods and areas frequented by the illegals. In a matter of months, Eisenhower’s initiative to return jobs to American citizens and clean up criminal activity was credited with a purge estimated to have been between 1.3 and 1.8 million illegals in an aggressive repatriation program. The political climate and resolve shown by the former Generals led to a continued exodus for several years during the 1950’s, which ultimately was believed to have been responsible for closer to 5 million illegals returned south of the border by the latter part of the decade.

As other respondents posting so far have mentioned, the years that followed were regarded as among the most prosperous in our country’s history. Unemployment became a non-issue and was minimal by any standard, wages increased for the average worker after OW, and the expansion of the middle class in our country was unprecedented following the purge. During the 1950’s we had a courageous President who felt compelled to return the country to its real citizens and provide opportunities for the men with whom he served overseas. Eisenhower’s leadership, along with that of his right hand enforcer, General Joseph Swing, provided precisely what the United States needed at the time.

History can be among the best teachers, and in this case it appears to suggest we can take an active role in stemming the invasion. There’s little reason not to believe prosperity would again be more widespread for our own citizens, as a result.

Eisenhower did a great thing by deporting illegals out of this country. It was a very good thing. We need an Eisenhower in the office of the president more than ever. What we have had since him are presidents that were and are law and ethics challenged. It is a total disgrace that we have presidents who can do no better than continue to allow illegals to invade this country at will. Eisenhower was not afraid of the Nazis nor the millions of illegals. He knew what to do and how to do it. A country that does not enforce its law will soon fail to be a country.

The only reason we are not able to do it again……just look at the politicians in DC. What a disgrace!

93% of the farm workers are here legally and would not effect the work force but if 11 million illegals were deported then our 10% of unemployed would have a job. just like in the 50’s. but if we did then the democrats would loose half their voters.

Eisenhower was a great President that truly cared about America..unlike the liberal America hater we have now supported by the libs on answers. Obama loves illegals, more votes for His party!

I don’t know — but the statement …in the 1950’s we had a similar problem a we solved it…

Obviously not! as we still have (and always will) an illegal alien problem.

Oh, of course (sarcasm). Historians are quick to point out that the Grand Canyon appeared within minutes of the president’s announcement.

It would help the relations with China to give the captured illegal aliens to them to labor in their coal mines.

No, but libs are governed by emotions, not intellect.

Libs are under the silly impression that we can fit every person in the world who wants to come to America comfortably within our nation.

No, actually it was the beginning of one of the most prosperous periods in our history, up the time it ended during the Carter years.

Thanks for asking.


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