Who do you think could beat a Clinton/Obama, or Obama/Clinton ticket?

In 09, the Democrats are back in office!

One of the hundreds of homeless people who John Edwards saw under a bridge……..The dems do not have a chance in hell.

Democrats may win in ’09, but not with those tickets. Clinton in the top spot at this point means a bunch of young people and blacks screaming that Obama got robbed. I don’t think giving him the second spot would be enough to recover from it. Clinton in the VP spot means Obama inherits all her negatives, along with some positives he could duplicate with plenty of other choices. Just don’t see either of these being a winner.

I guess that is why they call it a dream ticket-just that. If Senator Clinton would have kept the lead and Senator Obama would have come in at the point she is now-You might have seen this. But not now-as someone else mentioned too big of an ego especially for Senator Clinton-who I think believes she has a right to the white house.

in accordance to Ann Coulter McCain is disaster. in accordance to Glen Beck Michael Huckabee is disaster. So 2 failures equivalent a different no can win over Hilary/Obama or Obama/Hillary. I only wish the wonderful man or woman on DEM value ticket is Hillary.

McCain will crush clinton so easy thats a ******* joke, are you serious. the only way a democrat will get in is if Obama wins the nomination.
some ppl are voting for hilery so she can lose to McCain hahah i will to.
McCain even said himself Obama is more of a threat. that little girl is a joke

I think McCain and a circus monkey could beat that ticket. The only ticket I would get Hillary is one to the Arctic circle, where she can not destroy the democrat’s chances of winning the presidency. Obama/ anyone but Hillary ’08!


The only hope that the Republicans have is to run a moderate….McCain is as good as they could get this time….

The country is middle of the road…and tired of the divisive politics of the far religious right wing-nuts that have controlled the party for the past 20 years….finally, they have taken a back seat.

Obama would lose a lot of credibility if he took a career politician on his ticket when he’s been railing against the political machine throughout his campaign.

homer simpson.

It is a guaranteed losing ticket.

Obama gets the Dem votes no matter which Dem VP he chooses. Adding Hillary adds all of her negatives and no positives. Hillary on the ticket guarantees that Evangelicals vote for McCain and costs Obama a ton of Indy support. No Hillary and those Evangelical folks likely protest the McCain nomination and Indys (who are mostly anti-Iraq and dislike Clinton) vote en masse for Obama.

Obama/clinton andClinton/Obama are both surefire losing tickets.

Obama would NEVER chose Hillary to be his VP, because Hillary has gone nuclear on him. Can you imagine Obama debating McCain and McCain saying, “Your own VP says you are not ready to be president. Your own VP says I am a better presidential candidate than you.”

Hillary shut the door on herself.

Hillary on the otherhand would NEED to pick Obama as her VP to be viable. She can’t win if the party pisses off everyone who voted for Obama by jobbing him. The only way she could be viable is to bring Obama on as VP to seal the scism the stealing of the nomination would create.

That of course ignores the fact that Obama people feel Obama is above consorting with lying riff-raff like Hillary. If he agreed to be her VP, a lot of Obama fans would bail. Indys like Obama a lot, but we hate hillary more. We also feel some sympathy for McCain who was our guy in 2000 but got jobbed. African Americans would likely be split and many might bail or no-show.

There is a crazy strain of Dem who think that 2 strong candidates are better than one, regardless of what those two candidate believe and how they act. These are people who should not be given bleach and vinegar with a mop and told to clean the floor. They don’t see the obvious problems with the ticket.

If Obama flatly says that will not occur, these people will get off their crazyland cloud and look at things realistically.

(I don’t spend all of my time on line, so if anyone wants to repost this response the next time this crazy surefire disasterous idea presents itself, please be my guest.)

I would vote for either (Clinton with Obama as VP or vice versa) however I feel that it will never work out–too big of an ego, for both the candidates AND voters. It would be a dream team though!

Bill Clinton and Zakk Wylde

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