Who much would a 1952 Mickey Mantle Rookie Card Be?

I plan on trading my uncle my PS2 For a 1952 mickey mantle rookie card or $50. What should I choose? Enclude the ’52 card price.

A 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card in mint condition according to Beckett Book is worth $37,500.00. I don’t know if you’re kidding or you really don’t understand the value of that card but my information is accurate.

Mickey Mantle Rookie Card Value

In good condition, for a TOPPS Mickey Mantle Rookie card, you’d get about $9000 at auction. I would tell your uncle he’s going to get ripped off if he doesn’t take better care of that card.

The Mantle card is worth some pretty good money still, although
collectibles have tailed off a bit, lets say 10 grand or so.

the rookie card is worth like $20,000

a real Mickey Mantle probably anywhere between $500-$25,000

Check a Beckett’s price guide.

hey bro,
it would have to be printed in or around 52, not a reproduction. last i heard, mint , $52,000-53,000. its the card everyone wants.
do it to it, i’m sure if its what it is you could buy a load of ps3’s
i would keep it though. its priceless.

I have been looking for my card for quite a while….how did you end up with it???….Just send it to me and I will send you $50…………seriously, the card is worth a lot more money then what you are trading for….have it appraised by someone experienced in this business……or just send it to me for the $50……..good luck!!

I mint condition – both Tuff Stuff and Beckett have it listed for $20,000.00. Trade him both the PS2 and $50.

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