Why are some NBA fans glad that the Knicks did not get Lebron, Wade, or Bosh?

These fans sound like haters. Anyway we will get Melo in 2011 and Paul in 2012 and be on top again losers.


You don’t have to be a hater to realize that Knicks management is a joke. The whole recent mixup with Isaah Thomas just proves it. People wanted to see those players to to a team where there talents wouldn’t be wasted. Why would anyone waste energy hating a pathetic team like the Knicks?

Sure, you’ll get Melo and Paul in 2012, just like you were going to get LeBron. I fondly remember all those Knicks fans crowing about how the location that LeBron had chosen for “The Decision” proved that he was going to the Knicks. That didn’t work out the way you planned, did it?

lol these ******* are all jealous us new york is pretty much the capital of usa not washington thats just where president lives in NBA fans are glad cuz there already jealous of how new york is the capital and if they get lebron wade and bosh then wed be the sports capital and financial capital of the worlddddd i mean we have yankees giants jets mets now knicks lol we will dominate the world and yea we will get melo in 2011 and paul is also comin in 2011 cuz pauls not gonna like how hornets gonna have only 40 wins in 2010-2011 season and new york will overpower the heat

Houston has the option to trade picks for the next two years. The worse the Knicks do the better chances for a higher pick. Unless the protections kick in. Then Houston will have a problem .

For 1 thing their ticket prices are too high now. If they signed a player like LeBron the ticket prices would be higher than the Empire State Building.

Losers. Haha
Stfu ahmad aka lebron fan aka miami heat aka big money aka heat fan aka dwade fan…faqqot

Lol lebrick fan aka knicks fan signed onto his account and answered….wutta a faqqqqot

Because they don’t want to sound like they still want Lebron and Wade. They don’t want to sound like losers.

Because us Bulls fans be better off without that ring chaser.

Cause were not knicks fans douche

I miss when they were the “thugs” of the league. Good times.

knicks are sh1t.

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