Why do BBC and Sky and other British media often refer to Ireland as the Irish Republic?

There is no such country called “The Irish Republic”, the country is called Ireland. Also, why do some English people refer to Ireland as Éire when speaking in English, you don’t say Éire in English, only when using Irish.

To avoid confusion between Eire, the independent country, and Northern Ireland which is still part of th UK

But of course there is such a place as Southern Ireland or the Irish Republic (republic because they don’t have a King or Queen) Northern Ireland is a part of Great Britain and occupies the 8 Ulster Protestant counties. I understand Eire is the local name for Ireland. Don’t forget at the time of the Good Friday agreement the Republic gave up their claim to the North.

It’s called the Irish Republic because that’s what it is. Northern Ireland, whilst still part of the island of Ireland is British.
Using the word Eire on a letter is just a left over from the past, easier to say than Republic of Ireland.

Republic of Ireland refers to the part excluding Northern Ireland. To say Ireland when you mean the Republic is like saying Britain when you mean England.as Americans do.

I’ve never heard anyone use the word Eire. Dunno even how you’d pronounce it. Is the last e silent? (I know Irish is full of silent letters)

I think you’re just looking for something to have a moan about. If you complained about the islands of Britain and Ireland being called simply the British Isles, I’d say you have a point. It should be the “Brirish isles”

The main part of Ireland is a republic while the artificially created partitioned part in the north is called Ulster which is also erroneous as it is only part of Ulster so calling Ireland the republic of Ireland is correct,I hope this clears things up for you.

To avoid confusion between Ireland the country, Ireland the landmass and Northern Ireland.

Republic of Ireland.

Actually the official long form of its name is The Republic of Ireland.

They refer to it as the Republic (as does FIFA) for clarity, to distinguish it from the province of Northern Ireland and the island of Ireland.

I have never heard an English person say Eire.

the British have always done that. They don’t recognise our state as being called Ireland as they somehow think that’s too close sounding to Northern Ireland, so to distinguish they always add in “The Republic”.

It’s actually called the Republic of Ireland so I suppose they rephrase it.

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