Why do conservatives think Fox News’ ratings mean that Americans find them the most credible?

And how can that belief be reconciled with the following facts?

If the so-called ‘liberal’ cable news channels CNN, CNN HLN, MSNBC, CNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS were combined, their nightly prime-time viewership would be 24.7 million to Fox’s 2.8 million prime-time viewers. If you exclude the networks, that…

Yes, they choose to ignore that fact.

Give it up already.

You liberals can complain about Fox News until you turn blue and play the numbers game til the cows come home. It’s not doing you any bit of good. Fox News isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The liberal media is why Fox has high ratings because it’s the only news outlet that gives us both sides of the story. People got sick and tired of only hearing one sided news for 40 years.

The problem is that the numbers you have shown us – tell us nothing that can support your conclusions.

For example: how many of the FOX viewers also watched ABC/NBC/CBS?

Another issue to consider is that the ‘news junkies’ and other people who are serious about getting hard news tend to watch cable news.

Think about it: if you are looking for information on some significant world event – would you turn on a cable news channel or standard broadcast TV?

If you add up the nightly viewers for Fox What does it come up to, Gee It will be it is more than 2.8 million, you added up the nightly viewers for all the other networks why not Fox , do you really think people are stupid.

A lot of people do not have satellite or cable tv. So they can only watch NBC, ABC, or CBS. If you do the math from your numbers, FOX News beats all other cable news channels combined. Even though you do not even have a source for your information. You fail.

I watch all networks. Many people don’t watch any news.

I think it is interesting (or rather sad) that you called FOX propaganda, but failed to do so for your beloved liberal stations. I also think it is sad that your called the liberal sources “legitimate”, yet all have been proved to waterdown, or totally omit, what the public hears. That’s not news. That’s propaganda.

FOX is right leaning, no question. However, they report ALL the news.

nice propaganda. and false statistics. first off.. FOX is growing in viewership while you beloved liberal hate stations are losing viewers at record speeds. not to mention FOX gets WAYYY MORE than 2.87 million. beck gets 8.2 million views alone eevery night. not to mention hannity and o’reilly get 5 million every night one their own. 18 million from one station. opposed to ALL of your little lib hate stations losing viewers is rather sad for you.

I think Fox News is so popular thanks to the lefts insane obsession with Fox News. I bet they watch Fox News more then Conservatives do.

Jerry Springer was once king of Daytime Television and his show is anything but credible

CNN, along with all NBC stations are DEFINITELY have a Liberal spin.

I am not sure. Numbers don’t mean anything to me. I watch FOX news sometimes just to get a good laugh.

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