Why do some black guys get offended when you date a black girl?

I am a hispanic man and i am dating this very wonderful black cuban girl we are planning to get married soon but when ever we go out we always get the same look from some of the racist black guys for example we went out to a night club and this black guy that was dating a white girl came up and told my girl what…

A black guy that was dating a white girl came up to your girlfriend and told her she shouldn’t date interracially? Well, if that isn’t the biggest bunch of hypocrisy right there, I don’t know what is. That’s laughable! She should have just laughed at him then walked away.

As for why some black guys get offended, I don’t know. I know they’re not all narrow-minded like that though. But my boyfriend (who usually dates black women) always tenses up when we’re walking by a group of black men. He’s had some negative experiences before when black men have said stuff to/about the woman he’s with. That’s unfortunate. Again, I don’t think it’s only black men… but the people that do that suffer from a narrow mindset, immaturity, and ignorance.

I don’t really care. I just think that some Black men feel that Black women should remain loyal to them, even though they can go out and date every race on earth. I will agree that it is very hypocritical, but don’t let that bother you. Those Black men are just jealous, you took something that they wanted, and now that they can’t have it, they talk $h!+ about you.

As a Hispanic you can get away with saying a black man is racist, but let me help you out. Blacks cannot be racist. That’s what all their top “leaders” say, and you should rethink your position on that statement.

First of all I don’t believe a black man who was dating a white woman would say anything to you. If he did it’s because some white man was so racist to him at one time in his life, it wasn’t his fault. If you look behind any foolish thing a black man does, or says, it’s always because of the “white male dominated” society. That goes from the black on black crime rate, to the over represented population of black men in prison. It’s not their fault, the white man made them do it.

Now, if you want to date a black woman, you better get on board with realizing that any racial issues you and your new bride encounter, by NO MATTER who creates the issue, it’s ALWAYS the fault of a white man. So if her mother calls you a ****, or greaser, it’s not her problem, it was a white man that did something along time ago that caused her to call you a name. Got it? This mindset that you need to get into is called “The Civil Rights Movement..brought to you by the “Rainbow Coalition” The Rainbow Coalition..all the colors of the world..well except for white.

they have issues. and theyr stupid.

im black and im dating a hispanic guy but i dont go out much . but i learn to ignore the stares and make the best of it.

XD cause its all eyes on me !!

they dont hate it they just get jealous especialy if she has a nice big a** like when i was with my hispanic boyfriend they would say stuff like let me show you the real deal and stuff like that !!! they dont get jealouse because most black men just keep it moving!!!!

That’s stupid. What did he mean “your kind”? Hispanic men are gorgeous!

Dude, your Hispanic…we don’t have an issue with that. I agree with Zellparis.

This is weird.
I agree with Zellparis. You are considered one of us where I’m from.

those types suck, and i don’t know how else to deal with them but simply ignore…if you have other suggestions, pls let me know.

that sounds crazy to me, where i am from you would be considered part black yourself and one of us

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