How long should you wait to have another child?

I just suffered from a stillbirth(nothing like a miscarriage but close!!!)a few months ago and I want to try again, not to replace the child i lost but because my husbband and i really want to have children now, we’ve waited this long for children and after this frist preganacy we both want a child but cant go…

My condolences on your loss of your child. Technically you don’t have to wait a certain time period. But I echo the sentiments of the others, when you emotionally more ready, it would be the best, for mother and child. My brother was stillborn due to the umbilical cord strangling him and my mother felt no movement, they had to induce labor so that he could be born. My sister was born healthy 21 months later, being that my Mom got pregnant roughly 13 months after my brother.

I am so sorry for your loss… I too have suffered losing a child.
go to and put in your period info and it will calculate when you will be fertile and ovulating.

Women who wait six years or more before their second pregnancy increase their risk of having a stillborn infant compared to women who don’t wait that long to become pregnant again, according to a large Swedish study in this month’s Obstetrics & Gynecology.

Both short and long interpregnancy intervals have previously been associated with low birth weight, preterm delivery, and small-for-gestational-age (SGA) infants. Women today are advised to wait two years between pregnancies to help ensure a healthy baby.

The Swedish researchers found that women who became pregnant less than three months after the end of their last pregnancy were not at higher risk for stillbirth or newborn death unless their previous pregnancy ended in a stillbirth, infant death, preterm delivery, or delivery of an SGA infant. However, women who waited six years or longer between pregnancies increased their risk of having a stillbirth, regardless of previous pregnancy outcomes
Generally one stillbirth does not predict another. On average, there is approximately a 3% chance for stillbirth to happen again in the next pregnancy—or approximately a 97% chance that a future pregnancy would not end in stillbirth. Extensive evaluation of the baby may provide information that allows a geneticist, genetics counselor, or your doctor to determine more accurately what the chances are that stillbirth could happen again. Finding a specific cause may imply a much higher or lower risk than this average one. Specific causes, when discovered, more often result in a decrease in the estimated risk that stillbirth may happen again and less often in an increase in that estimated risk. In almost all circumstances, subsequent healthy pregnancies are possible

good luck and i hope you have a healthy baby soon

ok first im really sorry 2 hear about what u have been thru! u are star ppl! when u get pregnant again u will b watched like a hawk for ne little thing that could possibly go wrong! with ur first they dont really look for problems and don watch u as close as i think they shud! i had a lot of problems with my preganncy and i was told that when i have my next child i will b scanned every 4 weeks and i will c my midwife every 2 weeks ! only try for another baby if u feel the time is rite! no 1 can tell u when 2 try again its all about how u and ur husband feel! i wish u all the luck in the world for your next child! good luck! jess xx

HI sorry doesn’t sound enough for what you went through. but on the lighter side. i lost twins three years ago. i asked the same question to my gran-mother. a very wise lady she was.her answer to me was. if you are thinking about baby’s again your body is ready. that was ten months after our lose.and two & half years now we have twin boys that are a complet hand full. if you could here as well as read this you would here there daddy playing well trying to play with them.they seam to gang up on us having the you see one day you will be doing this will never forget the baby you lost. but when you see you little one playing and getting up to all sorts you will know just how preshuse they are. good luck for the future.and take care like the hospital will beleave me,

I would say at least six month to give your body time to recover. You’ll also need time to emotionaly deal with what has happened.

try after 6 month i hope GOD will bless u healthy baby

so sorry to hear your terrible news
whenever you feel ready i say it is yours and your partners decision, if you are ready, go for it. i wish you all the very best

sorry you had a still birth if it were me i would keep trying no matter what but you need to see your doc and ask them what they think


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