What will happen if a black hole came close to another black hole?

They will start orbiting each other and once come close they will orbit each other faster and eventually merge into a blackhole. this process would generate enormous gravitational waves which LIGO is trying to detect.

Black holes can and do merge. Einsteinian theory suggests that two black holes in close orbit around each other will lose energy steadily by radiating gravitational waves, and will therefore slowly move together until they merge into a single, larger black hole.

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If their velocity with respect to each other was too great, they would simply move by each other, as long as their event horizons didn’t touch.

If their velocity *wasn’t* great enough to escape each other, they’d likely start spiraling around each other. (We’ve seen this in nature. Eventually, they *will* fall into each other, but it can take millions of years.)

If they happen to drift by each other, and one slips inside the event horizon of the other – it doesn’t matter what speed they have with respect to each other – they can’t escape each other. They fall together, in the process releasing a massive amount of gamma and x-rays, (along with “gravitational waves”), and the resulting, single black hole will have an event horizon equal generated by the mass of the two black holes added together.

It will become one huge black hole

In my opinion i believe that we are living in a black hole so if another were to come close then we probaly be screwed lol


Wow, lots of bad answers but madan, starry, and Barry have it right. One swallows the other and they become a larger black hole.

2 negatives make a positive similarly two blacks make a white. two black holes will make a white hole

The likely scenario would be they merge into one more massive black hole, but there is also the small possibility that one of them gets flung out of the galaxy.

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