Would it be wrong for a 25 year old to marry a 50 year old?

A 25 year old woman and a 50 year old man, is that wrong? how big an age gap is too big?

What do they have in common? What do they talk about? What if they have kids, and the 50 year old gets sick? What would the families think?

There is the obvious question about how much money the 50 year old has, and how much debt the 25 year has. That’s what I would think, because there is no way that big of an ag gap could have anything in common. They could be parent/child.

1. Are you two compatible? If you’ve been dating for a few years and find that you’re comfortable with each other both physically and mentally then you’re good.

2. Are you okay with who will probably die first? The man will probably die in the next 40 years, the woman will only be 65, and still probably have another 20-30 years left. Would that woman be lonely, or try to remarry that late? You’ll also have to consider the man retiring soon.

3. Children. Does the 25 year old want children? If so the father will be almost SEVENTY years old when the child graduates HIGH SCHOOL. And what happens if the child is mentally/physically disabled?

It’s not wrong for a 25 year old to marry a 50 year old, especially if they are in love, and have thought this through. But there are so many things to consider with such an age gap. 🙁

People are so jealous, this situation has been going on since the beginning of time. Nothing has changed except people minds. People somehow think u will be miss out, if they don’t go out and have so called fun at a young age however, The best life is when u have love, family and a purpose for living. You will have many exciting times within that structure. It’s better, than waking up with a hang-over, having sex with a stranger and jumping around at a club.

Is it wrong? No. But most of these marriages do not survive because of the huge generation gap. It is much less of a problem if say you instead met and married when you were 40 and he was 65. The gap is not an issue after about 35.

Personally I think that if you are happy then that is all that matters. The only things you need to consider is the following:
: People thinking you are out with your father
: The life experience he had got compared to you so there maybe a few differences or you feel he is many steps ahead
: in 20 years time will he be in a wheelchair whilst you have much life in you?

You just need to consider the hurdles that are in front of you;.

“wrong”? No. You’re not barely legal… you’re at a place in life where you should be able to think rationally and know what you want for yourself.

It is a big age difference because he’s at a completely different place in life… be prepared for that to give you additional challenges… but marriage is give and take, compromise. If you can work through the hard times and embrace the happy times, you’re ready.

my wife is 10 years younger than me
i would not want any larger gap for a number of reasons
why anyone would want to marry someone older than her dad i will never know
15 Years when he retires(if still healthy),you may not be able to enjoy retirement with him
what if his health fails in a few years? you will have wasted a lot of your youth
i am 57 so,try to look at it from my side.

too long an age gap he would be an old man when the kids are going to college

sorry eveyone i say it is wrong. imagine when your 60 he’ll be 85 (i think) he might not be alive that long… just imagine all those dirty looks you’d get from people and let alone the thought of children.

its not wrong in the laws eyes…
give the 50 yo the thrill of his life

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