I am confused. Is Mitt Romney Pro-Choice or is he Pro-Life?

I saw a video where it sounded like he was totally pro-choice. Then I saw one where it sounded like he was pro-life.

So which is it? What sort of President will he be when it comes to reproductive rights?

I think this question is important to voters.

he’s Pro-himself

Romney seems to be as confused as you. He did support pro-choice and now he is pro-life. Considering that the President is one of the most powerful positions and we need someone who has integrity I don’t trust Romney to have any concrete ideas of his own. Obama is the better candidate because he has actual solutions to problems. He pulled out our troops, made the right call regarding Osama, safeguarded our troops by not sending them to Syria or Libya, provided all Americans with healthcare. Romney has only provided smoke and not shown any concrete plans for his solutions. Considering that the election is only two months away isn’t it about time we knew more?

He was pro-choice. He stated that he saw how it was being abused and switched position to pro-life.
Cant find the quote. But I can relate to that.

It all starts out with extreme cases of hurt and rape and incest and you want to allow what is needed to take care of those women. But then…. you see women coming in for their 5th abortion, like it was some kind of birth control. Hundreds of THOUSANDS performed.

I respect someone who starts out with the faith to hope something isnt abused and the strength to reverse when its clear it is. Better than digging your heals in based on pride.

It depends upon the year and the month, when you ask him.

He is pro being elected president, and he is willing to say whatever it takes to
make that more likely.

Remember, he has to appeal to the proto-fascist Tea Party people, and the
religious crazies, who make up so much of his support.

He used to be pro-choice before he was against it.

He’s been both. He goes with whichever at the time gets him the most votes. He’s a total flip flop on this.


In my opinion he should lose votes from you women. He has not been consistent on women’s issues.

he’s professional-determination at the same time as competing in a state election, because Massachusetts is predominantly professional-determination. yet at the same time as competing among Republicans contained in the primaries he’s professional-life. He does not have his own concepts.

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to Mitt Romney.

He’s the ultimate flip flopper.

I don’t think he knows what his own positions are.

He’s Pro-America. It means he will try to stop the Comunist-Islamist agenda of Obama’s gang to destroy the most wonderful, hospitalarian and free society in History..

Probably the closer to correct answer is that he is opposed to abortion, and is opposed to government paid birth control, but is not opposed to women having the option of birth control, even though it is the choice of his faith that they should not use it.


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