Is it true that men prefer natural breasts than fake implants?

I have wanted implants for some time. I thought about them since I was 16. I am normally not insecure but my body is something I haven’t really enjoyed personally even though many men that I do not know personally or that I have gotten to know/become intimate with all tell me that my body is absolutely…

I’m in the minority that prefers implants. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the breasts that a woman has, it’s the idea that with implants you can achieve a size and shape that you just can’t naturally. Plus I also find the round, spherical, fake look to be very arousing and sexier than naturally big big breasts.

Furthermore it’s sexy to see disproportionately big boobs on a slim woman.

Yes … to me implants would be a deal-breaker, I’m afraid :o)

I think what would actually make you sexy in the real mature way is if you can let those thoughts go. Relish being liked instead of struggling to convince yourself about something!

A man also fills “manly” in a whole different – 600 times more profound – way if a woman thinks he is, than if he only managed to convince himself that he was. Don’t you agree?

Then it should be the same the other way round :o)

You are right. Men prefer natural breasts and more than that, not all men prefer larger breasts. I personally think the b cup is the best breast size. That size maintains the most perkiness through age and breast feeding while also being large enough for good cleavage and bounce.

Consider the scenario that a woman has saggy as hell boobs (natural) and perky but obviously implanted breasts. Implanted breasts win.

It’s not so much the size but it is the appearance, presentation and feel. Implants can replicate the perfect titties so long as your surgeon is good, bad… well then you’re royally ******.

natural just feels better, and big isnt always best, some women who have had very big breast implants can suffer with severe back pain and regret having it done so think of the health risks and do some research to help you decide

Any one man or woman, who prefers fake breasts over real breasts, is a fool.

And honestly, I have no patience for fools.

I have breast implants, I feel I’m one of the few girls that get implant and don’t look obviously fake. If any man feels turn off by me because of my boobs it will be because they in fact know that I had work done not because of the appearance. They are extremely soft, not perfectly perky, but saggy. I just had a really good! Doctor. I get a lot of compliments on how natural they look. Much of my results were that I had some natural boobs to work with and were really deflated after breast feeding. I feel that many men say no to implants because they have a stereotypical Pamela Anderson image.

I’ll take tiny naturals over “perfect” fakes any day of the week!

Men pretty much like breasts. If you were to put a woman with implants in front of him and ask “Would you like her to remove her shirt so you can play with them?” I doubt any man would say “Ewww, icky implants. No thanks.”

Natural is better
Its like if you find out your bf has to take rogaine and viagra, its not the same.

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