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Pie isn’t the same without cool Whhhip

Proper now my existence is at a crossroads. I give up my job and i’m seeking to come to a decision what direction my life will go subsequent. I’m optimistic that all roads will lead to a happy ending.

I wish it was taco Tuesday :(. …. Hmmm.. Aha! Like a good neighbor State Farm is there! With some tacos! *poof* thank for the tacos! Him: but what’s the problem? I’ll have to leave if there isn’t one. Me: wait! There is! The lamp.. It’s broken. Him: which lamp? Me: (pushes lamp off table) *smash!* that one.. Him: … Well ok then. Me: these are amazing tacos!
I like tacos

so much depends
a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

I want to be happy

ANYTHING you want to write!!!

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You are welcome.

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