Are any Obama supporters ashamed that their fellow Obama supporters always accuse the opposition of racism?

I hate seeing some guy make completely legitimate political points that don’t even mention race or anything else and then having an Obama supporter call him ‘racist’. It’s absurd. Was it racist to prefer the candidate with which you identified in any other election? Most people are voting on the basis of policy and…

I don’t accuse Obama’s opposition of racism.

I DO accuse them of misleading people through out-of-context statements, narrow-minded half truths and outright lies.

I can’t condone that, when the other side refuses to fight dirty..

I’m not an Obama supporter or racist, but I can totally identify with your point. I have a McCain bumper sticker and on the way home from work today, some guy was hanging out of his car window, screaming, calling me a cracker a** racist f*** Republican. Seriously……. The guy didn’t know me from Adam and it was nothing more than a cheap, uneducated, lame insult. When people find out I’m a McCain supporter, I’m almost always asked the question, “Would you vote for Obama if he was white?” As if the most important issue on my mind is the color of someone’s skin or something. The race card against McCain supporters is tired and pathetic. Move on people. I should add that the gentleman screaming profanities from his car was white.

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe McCain called Obama “that guy” it’s sooooo racist!

What?!?! Condescending, yes. Rude, yes. Mean-spirited, yes. Racist…really? Where does that idea come from?

I’m also tired of all the crap that’s being said about the candidates (all of them) that have no bearing on the overall election, their politics, or how they will run this country at all. This is especially true with Sarah Palin. Who cares that her daughter is pregnant? Who cares that she calls herself a pitbull with lipstick? Who cares… It will make no difference on her overall ability. (The fact that she can’t seem to answer a question without a script is bothersome, yes. But it’s also been beaten to a pulp.)

YES! dear god i love you! YAY!! yes i think that’s EXACTLY what McCain supporters are doing. I’m 17…and sadly I wont be 18 in time to vote..but i am STRONGLY opinionated about the election. I would vote for Obama even if McCain himself cut off my arms and legs! When someone at my school asks me why I would vote for Obama, I ask them why they’re voting for McCain. No one seems to have any other answer than “Because McCain isn’t black”. I really have nothing nice to say to I just turn around..say “exactly my point dumbass” and walk away!!

I am being called racist right now through messages because of what I said here:;…

I am going against Obama/Biden because McCain has more to offer of what I want. If Obama had to offer me more of what I think is best, I would have voted for him too, but throwing race into it is just immature and lame.

I am hispanic with a white husband, mixed neices and a black step brother… I love them and have a TON of black friends, so to call me racist is stupid, uneducated and just a plain lame attempt.

there’ll continuously be some individuals who in spite of the rationalization that there is a disagreement with some comments made by skill of a frontrunner inclusive of President Obama they are going to take that hazard to play the racist card. they are going to forget approximately with regards to the certainty that this guy in spite of his shade gained the respect of a u . s . on his own benefit President Obama will lead his u . s . to new ends. with a bit of luck we with a clean top minister will benefit the respect of different countries, the likes of those that e lost

I’m going to need examples. I’ve only seen people call others racist when an actual racist comment is made.

The only ones I have ever seen or heard bring up race are Repub McCain supporters.

And, Yes, I think it’s despicable.

Did you forget that little incident with Jeremiah Wright?

And yeah, plenty of people vote on the basis of race, and other foolish qualities (that goes for democrats and republicans).

No, there are three groups of people that will vote for maccain..
people that make over 250 a year and want to keep thier tax breaks
people that want to stay the in war and possibly go fight someone else like iran or N korea
and people who can not see that obama is the better man because his race.

and i almost forgot those that would vote for satan if he was republican. which the fourth group

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