At about what age do you usually start your child in pre school?

I just want to know what age i should start my son in pre school.

I really don’t think there is a “usual” age. Many parents never even put their children in pre-school. Many states offer some kind of “pre-K” program which is for the year before they start kindergarten.

I find a lot of parents put their children in a mothers morning out program or something similar for their 1/2/3 yr olds, depending on when the parent feels the child is ready or would benefit from it. I have heard parents say that they put them in at a particular point when they felt the children were bored and longed to spend more time with other kids.

Other parent simply put them in pre-school when they feel it’s time that the parent needs to go back to work.

So I say do it when you feel it’s the right time for you and your child! *Some* studies have shown that children who were enrolled in a pre-K program did better in school . . . I haven’t seen any studies on starting them sooner being beneficial or not beneficial.

4-5 yeras old. bassically about a year before kindergarden. This does alot for the child.#1 they get introduced to the school setting.#2 they learn social skills and intracting with others.#3 the biggie, is when they do enter the big school (kindergarden) most likely they will be in class with at east one, someone, they know from pre-school.

3 is the normal age. My son started at 3 last year and my daughter is starting at 3 this year. You can look into Co-ops in your area which are great for stay at home moms that want to be involved with your childs education.

My son started at age 3. They have programs like Headstart and Early Learnig Initiative that you get charged based on income and about half of day cares take ELI.

It may depend on your preschool of choice. We have some in our town that are only for one year – when kids are 4 – right before kindergarten. We have another preschool that has two year classes – one for 3 year-olds (must be potty-trained, of course) and another for 4 year-olds. I’ll be sending my son to the school that has classes for two years, so I’ll be starting him when he’s 3.

Usually they start at 3 yrs old, but it depends also on the Birthday cut off date that’s in your town. To find out definite dates call your local Board of Education and they will let you know.

age 4.

Our baby wont be attending pre school until one year before he goes to big school. My partner and i are lucky though we have a lot of family around to babysit him when i go back to work, this isnt so easy for everyone.

3-4 years old.

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