Best 80s male singer?

I know there are loads of good uns but this guy I loved!…
Nick Heyward, Whistle down the wind,
cheesy, but I thought he was great!

I like Paul Young.
Here he is with “Come back and Stay”…

Peter Cetera, Richard Marx and John Parr! Just wish the first two would do a British tour. They haven’t been hear for years.

David Bowie

Of the ones that actually came in the 80s…Jon Bon Jovi.

Phil Collins

George Michael. Definitely.

Nick Heyward? From Haircut 100? I’ve got an album somewhere, do you want it?

Freddy Mercury easily the best vocals ever.

Bruce Dickenson, from Iron Maiden.

JON BON JOVI is the best 80’s singer.
by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrr.


goes without saying

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