Boyfriend wants me to be very dominant in bed? rape fantasy?

After returning from a night out and a lot of alcohol, I was feeling pretty horny and I decided to wake my boyfriend up for some, you know… s*x. Don’t mean to be rude either.

Bear in mind, I was very very drunk, we began kissing, etc and my hands began wandering and I climbed on top of him. This is…

Most of the guy like something news.

Men like to feel wanted/desired too.

its normal its just his way of being submissive-more of a role reverse similar to the guys of like there girls to have whips and to dress up it is honestly just a way or making it more fun more experimental more interesting dont worry when i was new to it all my boyfriend liked me to to the rape fantasy but i thought it was weird and it freeked mee out so i spoke to him and told him how i felt he was so understanding about it all and so we invested in all kinds of outfits and toys- its briliant haha x

oh yeah this is normal. my ex girlfriend started being more dominant in the last few months that we were dating and i loved it. i guess it’s appealing because it gets boring doing the same thing over and over and having to be the one in control, it’s nice to just sit back and let her take the reigns for a while.

If he kept saying “No”, hun, then quite frankly, ya should’ve stopped there and bloody then! “No” means NO if a bloke says it, just as much as if a girl says it. Peace and love. Be lucky. xxxx

I think he wants you to be in control and wild.
I like it when my boyfriend is in control and i act like i dont want to do it. It feels like a rush.

its appealing to us men because we are the ones that always take the lead it gets boring after awhile its nice to have the girl take the lead and be in control

My bf is the same and becuase they like a bossy gf ?

some guys like to be submissive they like you to take control..its not a bad thing

i thinks its just a role reversal thing.

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