Can 22 inch rims fit on a 2008 Honda accord?

too much rude answer, any way my friend, the best way you can put 22″ on your Accord will be if you do a mod on the suspension but tell me something what Accord trim model. LX, EX, EX-L OR COUPE and what Cylinder 4 or V6. I did a research on your Accord with the V6 sedan and only 20″ rim can fit in there and can still give you a better handling but sure you can put 22″ on your Accord but the gas mileage will decrease and your handling will be gone, the car will be riding hard with a big rim and even low profile tires but 20″ is the best choice with a clearance. trust me on that on. I put a 22″ on my 04 CRV than I lost the comfort, ride and handling quality and so I went to 20″ still fits good but the smooth ride is still gone so not I’m using 18″ rim and lower the CRV is better than the ” and the 20″but I miss those big rims, I got a lot of Attention with that but it was hard turning right and life and parking and breaking and pulling off from stop light or stop sign was awful so I had to go with 18″ and so far for over 8 month I still like the ride and the quality. hope that help. here is a link to where you wanna go to find information on what can fit on your Accord. good luck and enjoy.

2008 Honda Accord Rims

This Site Might Help You.

Can 22 inch rims fit on a 2008 Honda accord?

Oh dear God… you want to turn an Accord into a Donk?

Stock rims are 17×7 with a 42 offset
Stock tires are 225/50 – 17

To fit 22’s you’d have to buy tires that are 215/25 – 22

Not only would tires like that ride VERY rough, even a slight bump will travel through the bead wall and bend the rim.

So, then you’d have to get a taller tire… which likely won’t fit, but even if it did, you’d probably have to RAISE the car to be able to turn the wheel to clear the fender. Plus, you can say goodbye to the accuracy of your speedometer, plus due to the limited torque of the Accord engine you’ll have the acceleration of a lawn tractor.

18’s or 19’s are the biggest you should get.

They dont make 4 lug 22″ rims. 22″ rims are made to support heavy loads. Which brings the question are you just plain retarded? WHY do you people insist raising cars to monster truck heights to fit $10,000 rims on $1,000 cars? You do realize EVERYBODY laughs at this right? It has to be the stupidest fad since the people wear the pants by their knees and have to hold them up while they walk like a damn penguin. Stupidity overruns itself in our society already, why add to it? But withoout lifting you car AT LEAST 12 inches you could never fit them on. You cannot turn because the 22″ rims are at least 10 inches wide, creating a radius problem to where all you could turn your wheel is about 7-8 degrees. To put this in perspective the average turn on a car is 33 degrees. You could not make a right or left turn at a light or stop sign without pulling out into the other lanes of traffic, and forget about pulling into a parking space. IDIOTS

22 In Rims

They probably would with suspension mods.
But your gas mileage will go down at least 5-10%. Do you really want that when the gas prices could go back to $4 per gallon in a matter of months?
Most racers appreciate that lighter rotating parts can bring about better acceleration.
There is a truly staggering effect that unwanted mass, acting at an unnecessarily large radius, has on the rear wheel horsepower of a car.

Dears, i have accord 2008 2.4L sedan, it has 18 inch and i am feeling some vibration over 80 km, most of people told me to change the rim to 17 inch.

so what is you advice, shall i go for 17 inch or there is another problem shall i check before change.

thank you

why in the world would you want 22s on a honda???
it’d make it look like a 4×4
& give a new meaning to ricer.

buy a suv. or a caddy if you want 22s.

Good god no…y in the hell would u want 22s on a honda. sounds like ur makin up for something

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