Can I practice Buddhism and still believe in God?

I grew believing in intuition, harmony, energy, and meditation. I did not follow religion but I believe in one ultimate creator and power (not Christ, I believe he is a prophet) I see religion, science, philosophy as guidance when needed. But in regards to moral decisions, I trust my intuition and mind. I don’t…

Actually Buddhism supports God and is one of the best ways to reach God. Don’t listen to all these people who call themselves Christians that say Jesus is the only way their misinterpreting scripture and getting the word of God mixed up with the word of men inspired by God. There’s a difference.

Buddhism seeks the way(God/Truth). You do that be becoming aware of who you are and who your not. The false self(Satan) The way is a search for your true self(pure soul). The divine that lives inside you. Buddhist are seeking to be one with themselves and all the universe(God). When you unite with the one(God) you become enlightened(Kingdom of Heaven).

I’m a Christian and what Jesus has taught me is that what Buddhist believe is very close to how he original intended his church to be. But Christians have corrupted it with religion and hypocrisy. My advice stay away from many Christian churches. There are a few that truly do follow Jesus’ teaching but many more that do not and their relationships with religion are short lived.

I have answered many people’s questions about God on this site. I recommend you check them out. I am also enclosing a link to prophecies of a new world where spirituality will be dominant. I hope you check it out. Its the real thing.

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there are two types of gods in the Buddhist question.

The Devas, ancient vedic deities who are like people the RESULT of cause and effect, not the CREATORS of cause and effect (creation is cause and effect in Buddhism, not just material/physical cause and effect).

The second type of God would be the creator of all things, and lord of all things, a being of infinite power. Buddhism cannot be practiced fully with the belief of such a deity.

however, in the Mahyana tradition the Buddha is elevated to something approaching this sort of being, or rather Shakyamuni realized he is a part of this being. Or even as the universe itself.

this seems odd. I say the guide is this.

can you?

YES unless,
This being is capable of “saving/enlightening” beings by request (prayer), is greater than a Buddha (it can be an entity the historical Buddha manifests, whilst keeping his simple humanity….like a Buddha manifests the life of the universe which is sorta the way I see it),

If you would rather, believe what you want and wait until your understanding grows in time, its what I am doing.

Yes, but not all the stories various religions have about him.

Buddhism has no deity, Buddhism considers the question of a God to be unimportant.

Take note: You cannot be a Buddhist without learning about Buddhism. So, as you are learning, ask yourself for each new thing that you learn, “Does this conflict with what I believe about the Creator?” As long as you can say there is no conflict, then you are OK.

Buddhism doesn’t deny a Creator God, also Buddhism doesn’t talk about a living God. If the teaching doesn’t cause inner conflict between you and your believe for God then it is irrelevant 🙂 Buddhism believe that understanding the first cause of everything is something we cannot grasp because Buddhism teaches cause and effect. If God created us , who created God ? That is the question. If there is a chain of creation , it might be never ending. SO think about it ~ Whether there is God or not, I believe if he is benevolent, he won’t mind if we don’t believe in him as long as we believe in kindness and compassion and we cause no harm to others.

“I believe in one ultimate creator and power”

This concept of God conflicts with the teachings of Buddha. For more info see…

The foundation of all things including the Universe is what is called the Dharmakaya or Dharmata… It is birthless an deathless but not sentient like a creator God. This is how the Dalai Lama views it….

Many Buddhists are atheist or pantheist. However, the opinions and views differ from Buddhist to Buddhist. You could still be a theist whilst being a Buddhist. Buddhism is a very open religion and many people interpret it differently. There’s no problem with being a Buddhist and still believing in one or several deities.

God Jehovah does not want you to worship any other god but Him. can’t be a practicing Buddhist and believe in Jehovah.
Because Buddhists don’t believe in the Christian God.


Buddhism has nothing to do with God.

Man’s only pathway to God is Jesus Christ…
the Son of the Living God….
The King of Kings…
and Lord of Lords…
The Lamb of God…
The Savior of Man…

Jesus Forever.

The devil believes in God…what does that mean?

You say you believe in God, but you don’t believe Him…..that’s your conflict.

budda dont care, but Jesus duz
look close at what supports Buddhism, and what it offers

It sounds like you are seeking life enhancement, not truth. truth is key

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