Do Catholics oppose same-sex marriage because they think sex is dirty?

I’m Catholic. I don’t think sex is dirty and I’m all for same-sex marriage. Not all Catholics are the same, buddy.

Catholics along with other religions oppose the ideas of same-sexed marriage due to the book called the Bible. They are convinced that the words of the Bible are to state that Homosexuality is wrong, however there has been many instances that those words have been counterdicted between the Old and the New Testaments. As with the sex idea that it is dirty, true Catholics forbid the use of rubbers and child birth prevention methods, so sex could not be a dirty things to them, however they do believe it to be for pro-creation only not as a pleasure item to do. So unless you are pro-creating in the Catholic religion, then sex should not be enjoyed and you should act as prude as possible around such subjects. So you can see that the idea of homosexuality is not for procreation and is mainly for the pleasure and the communication of love between two people (for those that are in committed relationships) is forbidden in the Catholic religion….however I would like one truthful honest Catholic that can state that they do not enjoy sex and that they have not had the pleasure of self-enjoyment either.

I don’t think so.
Many Mexican families here in Southern California are Catholic, and they have many, many children. In fact, they don’t have any issues having sex often – these families I’m referring to don’t believe in birth control, so that’s why the families are so large. Given that any birth takes approx. 9 months and it’s recommended that a woman refrain from sex for a month or so after giving birth… you’re looking at about a baby a year – IF – they continue to procreate.

No. Catholics oppose same sex marriage because marriage was instituted by God for the procreation of children and the good of the spouses and of the community.

Sex was created by God to be a beautiful act of creation and complete self giving between a husband and wife. Married Catholics actually report higher satisfaction with their sex lives then non-Catholics.

Gay sex doesn’t make sense because it goes completely against the way the sex act is designed. A man’s body doesn’t make sense unless you look at it in relation to his wife’s body- and vice-versa.

Gay sex is essentially masturbation, which is wrong because the sexual act is supposed to be one of total self donation to the spouse- not loking for one’s own pleasure- what you want for yourself. When both spouses are completely self donating, they both enjoy the experience. Any time sex is about what “I” want or what “I” desire out of it, it is selfish instead of selfless- and it becomes less than what it was designed for.

No, they opposite it because many have been taught this hatred in their places of worship or their family homes.

Note that there are many open-minded, free-thinking true Christians who supply equality, peace and justice, and therefore same-gender marriage.
They could easily point to the Constitution, where it states that ALL citizens should be given the SAME rights. Marriage rights (1000+) are state-given and 100% subject to the Constituion.

No they oppose it, because it doesn’t produce more Catholics.
If you want to know why a person or a group does what they do, all you need to know is their supreme value, and for any religion it is the existence of said religion, they will never sacrifice the existence of said religion for anything else, ever.

It’s because they are naive. They allow only straights to interpret the Bible. The gospels were written from memory and not as the word was spoken. Imagine if Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John were gay. The Bible would be interesting reading.

I am not a Catholic…but it seems that the Catholic church is against everything…at least everything that could help this planet…birth control, homosexuality…etc…..they seem like a very repressed society.

Not all Catholics, just a majority. I’m gay and a Catholic

They hate that homosexuality stuff. It’s reserved just for priests.

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