Do you think that Obama’s socialism is good or bad?

Hayek, a sociologist, argued that the social control over distribution of wealth and private property advocated by socialists cannot be achieved without reduced prosperity for the general populace, and a loss of political and economic freedoms.

Basically it means it will more likely hurt our troubled economy and…

Spreading the wealth is socialism.The problem here isn’t race or lack of experience. It’s what BO is proposing…. Socialism!!! That is what is scaring everyone. Who is he to tell me if I make more money than my neighbor that I must support them? An equal society sounds all sweet and gooey on the outside but life isn’t fair and we are not all equal, we all have our good points and bad and we’re not all good at the same things, that’s called diversity. Think about it, every .society has it’s slackers and it’s workers. It has it’s brains and it’s brawn. Socialist societies don’t work. Once socialism occurs people lose their dreams and hopes. Read about it, study it, think about it. Do you want a Dr. to work on you who has no incentive to make you better. A Dr. who makes the same wages as a McDonald’s worker. Come on, there has to be rich people and poor people. Otherwise where is the incentive to work hard and be successful? Only those too lazy to work seem to want equality. I have worked hard my whole life, I don’t have much but what I do have I earned and I’m damn proud of it. I get so tired of all these excuses of why people can do this or can’t do that. “I had a rough childhood or I’m the wrong color, or my ——- hurts“, blah blah blah. God gives us what we need to succeed and overcome our particular hardships so when you say I can’t, your also saying God made a mistake; when he made you black, or when he gave you to the parents you have, or gave you your disability. GET OVER IT!!! Quit your damn whining, everyone can do something and Mr. Obama, quit telling me I owe you my hard earned money for you to give to who YOU want.

Another false choice question as nobody has suggested ‘socialism’. What’s been suggested are two major items. One is affordable health insurance and the other is affordable higher education. Both are essential to a modern first world country. We live in a world dominated by massive trans-national corporations that have suborned almost every national government on the planet. Do you really think that these organizations are going to allow ‘socialism’ to trump their situation? Don’t be stupid. And by the way…..currently the American wage-earner is going under and the Homeland Security Gestapo is checking out your phone calls, your mail and your underwear drawer. If you lose your political and economic ‘freedoms’ it ain’t gonna’ be the nonexistent ‘socialists’ that do you in…’s guys in suits, ties and shiny shoes committing crimes in the suites that are, and will, rob you blind….legally! Worse, the movers and shakers of the current GOP are all for this fascisti BS plus perpetual warfare. Meanwhile they fill your head with their version of Emmanual Goldstein. You might look that up before you vote! Don’t be dupe and a ditto head. No kiddin’!

Obama is not a Socialist. The Republicans just latched onto the comment because they have no game.

Every capitalist nation collects taxes and redistributes them for the benefit of government initiatives. If McCain gets in office he will collect taxes and use them for gov’t programs too, like the war in Iraq and fattening the wallets of the good folks who own company’s like Halliburton.

The difference is that Republican policies will place more burden on the working man to benefit the rich and then expect that the left over excess wealth of the rich will trickle down to the middle class. This hasn’t worked, ever. The last eight years of this failed policy should convince anyone who was here and paying attention as our nation has gone to the brink of collaspe and still has a generation to go to try and dig out! Don’t be an idiot! Support the recovery of our nation, not its ruin!

So you take a “spread the wealth around” statement and the McCain campaigns slogans and think Obama is a socialist. Or is it really something else you don’t have the guts to say. I say the latter. Obama is a capitalist just like McCain, the difference is the McCain believes in trickle down economics. Well that is nothing but a pyramid scheme. The middle class is hurting and Obama is the best choice.

Throw a stick of dynamite in the lake and sell all of the fish for a profit. Then enjoy living in a pure Capitalist nation… just don’t call the fire department when you accidentally blow your house up.

Things you would have learned in High School if you had only payed attention:

1. Taxation is the main portion of Socialism incorporated into ALL modern Democracies.

2. Taxation consists of 4 main purposes, known by all educated people as the 4 R’s of taxation.

a. Revenue (money brought in through collecting taxes)
b. Redistribution (adjusting tax structure… allocating tax revenues through government spending)
c. “Repricing” (quantity vs. price of goods… taxes vs. subsidies)
d. Representation (Taxpayers giving a ****. Government accountability)

To claim that Obama’s plan is Socialism is to be as ignorant as ignorant can be, in regard to understanding taxation. This is not spin, nor rhetoric. This is plain hard fact. Ignorance is no excuse, and you now have no excuse to be ignorant of the fundamentals of taxation. To continue to use the word Socialism as a pejorative term will result in the continuation of deliberate ignorance. The same thing goes for “Redistribution”, “Spreading the wealth”, or “Government giveaway”. Don’t be ignorant.

There is such a stigma placed on the word Socialism… much more so than the word Capitalism… and why is that? Well, I’ll tell you. It is because of the common sentiment that these ideas are too complex to fully understand. The truth is that defining our form of government is more confusing than complex, due mostly to the fact that a lot of the terminology that is used has changed its meaning over time. Well, I’ll try to take all the work out of it for you.
You may not know it, but most of the principles of both of those ideologies are what make up our political philosophy that we call Democracy. During our country’s evolution, we’ve attempted to take the practical aspects of many political theories, by omitting their flaws, and combining them into the popular moniker, “Democracy”. We don’t have a direct Democracy, and America wasn’t originally considered a Democracy… it was actually used as a derogatory term well into the 1800’s. Huh… who knew? What we do have now is considered a Representative, Liberal Democracy in the form of a Constitutional Republic. What does that mean? I’ll boil it down for you. Basically, what we get out of this is the separation of powers by checks and balances between our 3 branches, a system that allows for all citizens to vote directly in regional elections, but regionally (through representatives) in Presidential elections, a legal system defined in the Constitution that explains individual rights, equality, and specific freedoms with specific limits, and the idea that majority rule is tempered by minority rights protected by law…. Ok, ok, but this doesn’t explain how our economy and society works, one would say…

Let’s look at the 2 words. First we have economy. The wealth and resources of a country. Money and assets. hmm. there’s another word that. Oh, right… Capital. Which leads us to Capitalism. A system where a country’s trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather than the government…. sounds a little familiar…. Free trade, perhaps?

Then we have Society. A structured community of people, bound together by its institutions and its ways of being organized, who share relatively common ideals. This has ties to both politics and economy, or socio-economics. The idea that government social programs are needed for a functioning society is very American. Social programs come from the broad definition of Socialism. Socialism may refer either to a socio-economic system and/or to a political ideology. Social security, Medicare, Medicaid, PUBLIC EDUCATION, welfare and any social services, police, fire departments, DPW, minimum wage, and bank deposit insurance are just a few of the many examples of American social programs. So, if you’ve ever used any of those things, you were participating in parts of Socialism. Simply put, Socialism is the use of government to solve social problems. Conservatives usually consider them a worthless social safety net (unless it’s privately funded), in favor of a “fend for yourself” mentality. But the truth is that these programs helped shape America, and it is why the allure of America is so great. All Americans share the ideal of a functioning society that can support the vision of the founding fathers.

It’s the combination of these 2 ideologies that make American “Democracy” work. The pure form of either one is not desirable, but the balance of them is subject to change based on the ideals of those in power. Being that this combination exists, liberals have some capitalist ideals and conservatives have some socialist ideals, though they usually tend to advocate for more of the opposite. The realization of this became somewhat well know to the people who were actually paying attention to the Clinton administration instead of the media’s coverage of the Lewinsky crap. It became known by the phrase the “Third Way”. Many people consider this to be one of the key elements that made the years of the Clinton Administration, and shortly thereafter, one of the country’s best overall economic periods.

Everyone needs to spit out the Kool-Aid and research things for themselves.

good, we need a good dose of socialism to counter the corporate cronyism that has plagues this country since Reagan

we need to take back all the millionares and billionares have stolen from us, we need health care and other hand outs for the lower and working class, AMerica has turned into a diseased country with the Republicans in power, in 20 years if socialism gets out of line, we will elect some conservative, but in the meantime we need to take back all the rich have stolen from the poor

Bush nationalized the banks. All Obama wants to do is increase the tax rate for the highest bracket from 35% to 39%.

It’s too bad that he’s made it pretty clear that that’s what he wants and people still vote for the man. I used to get mad when other countries talked about how stupid Americans are, and here they are trying to prove them right. They’ll vote for anyone as long as he’s charming.

Very bad. I wish more people could grasp the depth of Sen Obama’s “spread the wealth” remark.

Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad.
Socialism would be a total change of America-the America we live in.And its not a change for the good.
Maybe this is the change Obama is talking about.

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