Does anyone else notice this?

So the Bible seems to be full of contradictions…Like when God says thou shalt not kill, but then sends Israel to wipe out entire civilizations? And what’s the deal with the story of Jesus being predated by pagan myths (such as mithra, or dionysis *sp*) Does anyone else notice these things, and if so, how did you…


I think the only rational approach is to understand the Bible as a constantly evolving work of literature where as the attitudes and beliefs of the writers changed, the Bible changed along with it. Added to that are additions, corrections, changes, mistakes, etc.

The Bible is the mythology of a certain culture, in this case a 14th century Bronze Age tribe of desert nomads. The Bible attempts to make sense out of the world and as the people’s sense of the world changed, so did the Bible.

For instance, the God in the OT changes quite a bit as the Bible talks of more recent events.

in the NT, Jesus changes considerably and so does his message, as one progresses through the 4 gospels at the time they were written (they are not the same age).

Much of christianity is either stolen or there to demonize other beliefs, many believers will answer like the first 3 who won’t admit the contradictions
The bible has been re-edited and mistranslated and all-sorts

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You are correct, there are many contradictions in the bible, but if one truly learns of God they learn that God never ordered any of his chosen to kill anyone.

How do I know this, Easy. If you truly study and ask God for the truth you will see that there are two churches which can be built up from the scriptures in the Bible. One is of earth, which are all the churches of mankind, throughout the world, and the other is Gods true church which lies within the hearts and mind of Gods true followers, who follow him and not men. Remember in the Bible, God says the only temple he will enter is us. Our body. How many have God in them and how many have Satan?

In other words, Satans words are also in the bible, but one must be filled with the Holy Ghost of Jesus Christ to learn the difference between Gods truth, and mans truth.

This world is about to change forever, and only those who follow God, are protected while those who follow men or false prophets shall learn of the wrong path they’ve chosen, but it shall be too late. God knows your heart and mind. If you love the world, you know not the Father. 1John, 2; 15-16.

Ezekiel 14; 7-11. See what God thinks of those who ask men about him instead of asking God. There are a lot of false prophets and they are all of the world.

Did you know that Yahweh gave a prophesy to Jeremiah that his words will be contradicted and made into lies please read Jeremiah 8:8. The Bible is a currupted form of the words of Yahweh. We can only get insight from the Bible not the truth.

Yes, there are. But I’m agnostic and I believe that the inconsistencies are there because of the men who wrote the bible and put it together.

Yes many people have noticed it. BTW aren’t the first three answerers a bit scary!

it isn’t a conterdiction god had the people killed because they were wicked and evil and did things that are forbidden and they killed people or sacerficed them depends on which bible verse you are reading were he ordered somone to kill somone you aren’t aloud to kill someone unless they are wicked for example your in your house alone somone comes in and trys to kill you it is in your right that you may defend yourself and kill that person but it should only be done if there is no other option to get you out of that situwation god allows that what he doesn’t allow if someone comes into your house to steal your jewlery and you just take a gun and shoot them in the head and kill them that is forbidden hope i helped

Try some history classes,the Bible proves true.

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