Has the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints ever apologized for founding polygamy in America?

Christianity never treated women as objects like the first seven Presidents of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. Don’t believe me? Mormonism was founded on polygamy. Follow the link and read the proof for yourself!


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Which is better to have a polygamist that doesn’t polyg or a monogamist that doesn’t monog? Or for that matter a celibate that doesn’t celib?

Polygamy existed in America PRIOR to the founding of the Mormon church. The Mormon church no longer condones polygamy, while there are some fundamentalist mormons who practice polygamy it has NOTHING to do with the regular LDS.

I don’t know why you seem to think they owe anyone an apology, I mean let’s be honest there are all kinds of people who have made mistakes in history including our US Govt.

Why are you so angry??? Have they personally hurt you in some way? Isn’t what they believe between them and God??? Live and let live it isn’t for YOU to judge.

And sweetheart it was NOT Jesus who founded The Roman Catholic Church read your Bible a little better…. It was founded later after his death dear…

No it is in their believes! They won’t feel they have to apologies!
About the true Church of Christ it persists in the Roman Orthodox Church and not in the Roman Catholic since from the 5 original patriarchates 4 stayed the same and 1 went out so this 1 is the roman catholic church and is very wrong and most of its adepts became protestants or atheist or free thinking persons!!! (libre-penseurs)

Oh actually I remember a teacher telling me once that the church had said this on name respect and ettiquite: We can be called “Mormons” and it’s okay. and we can say you are a “Mormon” and I am a “Mormon”. “Mormonism” is also okay, because that is our “ism.” we couldn’t say we practice Latter-Day-Saintism, see? what they don’t want us to call it is “the Mormon church” or “I am a part of the LDS Church.” As for “LDS,” because the whole acronym would be so long it would defeat the purpose, “LDS” alone is fine. By stating that we are LDS, we imply that we are latter day saints of the Church of Jesus Christ. It still is proper and shows respect. Even though many other names acceptable, of course the most respect would indeed be to state that we are members of the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.” Or just “we belong to the Church of Jesus Christ” to simplify haha. hope that was understandable and that it helped! have a good night!

Jesus Christ himself did start the Roman Catholic church through Saint Peter and the test of time is a testament to that. The Mormon church is comparatively small and was just began in the United States.

I don’t think that people even care about Mormons or polygamy. They both are so small where is the threat?

I believe the age of marriage should be raised in all states to 18. Once that is done, if adults wish to create a polygamous marriage, why should anyone object? I have lived with 3 women at once in the past, and not married to any of them. We all loved one another and we had no problems with jealousy because our relationships were not based on SEX but on love and friendship. Do you know how nice it is? None of us had full time jobs because the bills split 4 ways allowed us freedom from the industrial machine! We lived LIVES. We loved freely. And while life took us all in different directions, we still love one another!

Blessed be

Brigham Young never treated his wives as objects. In fact, he encouraged them to learn and branch out into enterprise, such as silk farms. One of his wives became a doctor. Another became a famous poet. Teachers, farm managers, tailors, all his wives were encouraged to develop their talents.

At least three of his wives later requested divorce and he gave them their divorce.

In the Bible, those who believed in Christ called themselves Saints. It is used about 50 or 60 times, whereas Christian is used only three times.

Actually, what Henry VIII did was called serial polygamy. But, I doubt what he did was “saintly” as compared to our leaders, since Henry killed the wives he couldn’ divorce.

Christianity never treated women as objects. You seem to know more about Mormon history than Christian history, and that is not saying much.

The Bible completely condones polygamy. Many Jewish leaders and Biblical characters had multiple wives, or wives and concubines.

Ok, no one founded polygamy in america. Polygamy’s been around for centurys. And that doesn’t neccesarily mean the women are treated like objects. I say if all the women agree it doesn’t matter how many of them for one guy. Same in reverse. May I point out that Jesus was a man? All religions were founded by men. I think we all agree jesus wasn’t a woman.

The last polygamist President of the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints was Heber Jeddy Grant who died in 1945.

It looks like LDS believe that you can have your cake and eat it too!

For those that said that polygamy is Biblical you are wrong! Perhaps you never read the Bible. The ancient Jewish people were polygamists but no Christian has practiced polygamy.

There were many other polygamous Christian groups historically both in Europe and in America.

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