Has this section of Yahoo! Answers become Republican stomping grounds since the election of President Obama?

I remember before the election and during the Bush administration this was all Democrats all the time. It’s where Democrats & Independents came to talk about politics and complain about what they felt was wrong with the Bush administration. Now though… it’s more Republicans. So is this really just a place…

Nope! If you really look you`ll see that all political viewpoints are represented here. It just depends on the questions you choose to participate in. I see equal amounts of bantering from all quarters. Don`t choose anti liberal questions and it will be more to your liking. Cheers!

specific. i’ve got under pressure the cost of respecting the President no remember who they’re. yet I also have a tendency to be lots much less “my way or the line” than some. i do no longer understand “bashing” applicants lots. a minimum of no longer interior the lude and crude experience yet i do no longer understand doing that to everybody. It type of debases your self whilst conversing and quite leaves you finding below smart. I even have talked approximately issues that i’m prepared on yet have a tendency to stay faraway from bashing, I even call her Clinton or Senator Clinton by way of fact her call isn’t “Hillary”. that’s merely how i replaced into raised although… in actuality. At this element I see this mandatory know starting to be to be a genuine probability.

You a Democrat is just trying to make people argue because you think that Democrats are so great but wait & you will see how destructive Democrats can be like the question you asked. If you didn’t win you have crying about it.

Fair question and almost all answers were pretty good BUT as usual 3 or 4 had to be reported and they are always the same posters.

I think you are over sensitive cause at the time I write this I only see 3 real republicans answering negatively to your question. And not even that much so.

No more than it was the Democratic rant revue when Bush was in power.. that is just how it goes it seems

Maybe people in general are politically centered, and just choose sides based upon the current administration.

I would say it is 99.9% GOP’s frustration that they didnt have the old man and the less then intelligent side kick ruining the country, you are spot on and deserve a star.

If you think that way then come back in November of 2010 when alot of Democrats lose their seats after the Congresional Elections.

Yes it is…. Their saviour Rush Limbaugh cost them the election with Operation Chaos….

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