How do I cure my daughter from Bieber Fever?

My 12 year old daughter has a serious case of Bieber Fever and I really need her to get cured because it is brainwashing her. Any advice?

You need to severely limit your child’s access to the internet and television. The media spreads like a virus, infecting children and causing them to seek out entertainment over knowledge and true social interaction.
In a perfect world I’d say that you should indefinitely take away her TV except for a few kids shows she may enjoy that aren’t too retarded (like spongebob) and encourage her to watch science/learning/discovery channels instead. Also I would do away with allowing her to access the internet unless it’s under your supervision because at her age it’s really just a time waster that will stop her from growing to her true intellectual, emotional and social potential.

Maybe introduce her to some better music as well? I’m not saying to blast Beethoven or free-form jazz just yet but..something better than this pop culture drivel that she’s obsessed with would be nice.

I know it isn’t easy being a parent and everything is easier said than done. Just try your best; noticing and feeling worried over her addiction to pop culture is a good start and means you’re a great parent.

Keep it up 😀

I suggest that you enrol her on a self help therapy course. Keep her isolated from all outside influence when she is not in therapy, ban her from watching TV, listening to the radio and music, and only let her read educational materials. She will hate you for doing this to her but explain that you love her and want her to be well again. When she comes through it she will thank you for saving her.

the natural way to cure something like this is to wait for Bieber to mess up and pick up a bad reputation, they always do….

This is indeed serious.

Show her pictures of grown men, make her listen to deep men singing and introduce her to people who can sing.

Find Justin Bieber. This will be easy. Just look for the kid whose head is twitching repeatedly. With you, you will have a pair of scissors. Cut off his hair.
Problem solved.

Let her listen to Lady Gaga.

Tell her Justin Bieber has syphillis from too many girls..

you guys should create a club for mothers with the same problem, lol

plz answer mine!!

this looks like a basement job for her perverted uncle

take her ipod, stereo, and mobile off her…and ground her for a month….

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