I am sorry, but lebron james just missed three “finger roll” shots and why is he great?

Why is this person a multi-millionaire? why does he rates so high? help me understand why these people are so great? they bounce balls and toss them at the metal ring and earn millions. why? my brother has a phd in physics and works for a major engineering firm and doesn’t earn a fraction of these people. why?…

hes really not that goods
Chauncey Billups is better than him just like he is better than any other player in the NBA or any other basketball league.

Lebron James is a 22 year old phenom. He has been in the NBA since he was 18 and there are some guys who are much older who cannot even play at his level. Lebron is still young and has plenty of time to win. Why does he get paid so much? Because he is an entertaining player and that is exactly what basketball is for the average joe, entertainment. Clearly you are watching the games because you commented on him missing the finger rolls so you must find basketball at least remotely interesting. Because so many people buy jerseys, go to games, pay for the nba package on TV etc.. the NBA makes tons of money and therefore the money has to go somewhere to provide the salaries for the best entertainment possible

no one does low share like Kobe do they? all of us comprehend a median evening for Kobe = a foul evening for Lebron. hi, this evening Lebron nonetheless shot extra functional than Kobe does interior the grab. Lebron this evening: 29.2%, Kobe taking the final shot to win a game: 27%. Gotta love all those single digit video games Kobe’s had too — something like 9 interior the playoffs and 26 usual. Kobe in basic terms needs one or 2 extra single digit video games and he will have extra of those than 50+ video games. (i think of Jordan had one game below 10 factors, yet he became like 39 on the time). besides, the place could you start up while speaking approximately classic undesirable Kobe capturing nights. it extremely is like attempting to come across somebody with the call Johnson interior the telephone e book. in basic terms this twelve months he has had a three/11 and diverse 8/27’s and final twelve months had video games of 7/24, 5/20, 4/19, 2/12 (my own well-liked yet nonetheless extra functional than that 2/sixteen evening on 12/20/2004!), 3/17, 5/23, plus his classic game 7 final twelve months the place he went 6/24 vs. Boston and l. a. nonetheless gained by way of fact of Gasol’s management. and do not forget that classic 5/24 game vs. Utah in around between the playoffs in 2009!

Everybody gets some unlucky rolls, or just bad releases, it happens, but that doesnt mean Lebron isnt one of the greats, he’s led his team this far.

give him some time!!! You try doing that at top speed!!!

It ain’t easy, let him settle down and get in a groove, then watch as he dunks over 2-3 people. Then ask Why is he makin millions?

lebron is just in his 4th year in the NBA. anything can still happen for him. it took jrdan 6 years before he was able to win a crown. let’s give lebron a chance

He is not great I dont know why people are overating him. Lebron isnt good!! Kobe is great!!Lebron is overrated!!!

maybe you shouldn’t judge player by only 3 finger rolls….you should have watch and you should watch him more often….

everyone has off days

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