I just turned 15 years old ,but i need help with puberty growth?

Hi , i only have a bit of armpit hair im 5,8 ft 12 stone , gonna start shaving soon only got fluffy stuff there now and little hair on belly button but i only have a 5 inch penis errect an 3.8inch girth errect is this ok for my age will i make it to 6 inchs ? is there any hope i havnt really noticed any growth in…

Every person is different .
Some people go through puberty faster than others .
Don’t worry it’s normal to be late .

Sounds like you are only about half way through puberty so you still have a fair bit of development to come
At 5 inches your penis is probably about normal for your age and the average length of an adult male is 6.2inches . I would suggest you would reach at least this and probably a bit more .
Just relax , the whole puberty thing is a process , not something that just happens over night . Even although some of your mates may be a bit further developed than you , and have a bigger penis , you can still catch up and perhaps even overtake .
Good Luck

Once agin everyobdy is different. There is no real way of telling how big your penis will get. You may make it to sx inches or you may not.

The penis size grows very little from 4yrs to the onset of puberty. It will keep growing usually till the age 18-20, so you’ve got a few years to go yet, you may just be surprised one morning. As far as body hair goes the same rule usually applies

Well, actually 4 1/3 inches is NOT tiny. There are a lot of grown men with less. 4″ is totally adequate for sex as vagina not much longer. But you are only 15 which means you are still growing. You are probably due for Growth Spurt at 16. M.

Haha I just turned 16! Is yours in January, too? Happy birthday if it is!

Nah, you’re fine. Alot of guys don’t finish growing until the age of 20. 5 inches is pretty good for a 15 year old. And the girth is fine, too. Weights isn’t gonna help you to grow down there. It’s genetics and healthy eating patterns that will.

Eat healthy and balanced, and you will grow to your full potential.

Maybe ask your father how his is? If you have that kind of relationship with your father to ask that kind of question. It would help to know what his is because that directly affects your size.

1. Chicks dont dig hairy animals so your lucky. Some guys never get hairy.
2. Your equipment is bigger than a lot of adults.
3. Do like Popeye and eat your spinach. A healthy deit and exercise will make you a manly man in no time!

um hi im a 15 year old girl and im taking chimistery and i think its because your stressing over it so much ??
like woman and there weight loss problems and my little brihter who is only 13 has fluffy stuff to its all about time dearest take it slowly

Yes it is normal. There is nothing wrong with you. Just hang in there. Dont feel bad alot of teens hit puperty late. and dont worry about your “Size” either Its Not the size of the boat, its the motion of the ocean

Boys keep growing until they are about 21 (its different for everyone) so I would assume you will keep growing everywhere….. I would not worry, you prob just started hitting puberty from the way it sounds.. so hang in there and see what happens.

Don’t worry about any of that, you will probably grow a little more but just remember its not really the size that counts, it what you do with it.

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