I think I popped my pinky finger out of joint while playing basketball.. What should I do? It hurts bad :(?

ice it immediately, get a finger brace. After a few days exercise it slowly so it gets back to normal. Hope it gets better soon 🙂

Yea that Does a Bit .. I ussually pop Out The Middle or Third finger
Out ice On it and If U can do it Push it down to put it back In place
lol yes it hurts But the ice will Help

4 things

ask this in the injury section

tell an older person (ask ur parents maybe ? )

ice it

google it

Is your name Michelle?
Go to the doctor

you must’ve sprained it, I’ve played basketball, and I would sprain my finger constantly..
if it hurts bad, get a splint or something.

pull it straight out….if it pops again…it was out of place……but it is also possible you stoved it…..either way…..tape it to the finger next to it to immobilize it and ice it

consult a doctor fast!

ouch, this happened to me before. 🙁
try icing it.

~chocolate lover

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