If the liberal power-grabbing myth of global warming is so real, why does data have to be manipulated?

Don’t you enjoy the outright denials from the left? AGW is myth and the left is trying hard to make it reality by repeating their big lie. But their main source for support has turned out to be a fraud.

Oh, poor little liberals. Tsk, tsk…

If libs actually believed that there is man-made global warming they would have took the initiative and stopped contributing to the carbon footprint individually. But their hypocrisy goes forever and I’ve seen no indication that they are willing to sacrifice to better achieve a result with the facts they profess. They still drive the big cars, fly the big jets, use the same or more amounts of electricity, eat just as much as conservatives and breath just as often. Another case in point is those such as ELF who really like to contribute to the carbon foot print by burning car dealerships and heavy equipment. So if libs wanted to convince the rest of the world that they are really serious they would show others by the example they set but they fly to Copenhagen and ride in big limos and continue to exploit their ill gotten wealth. Leadership among this crew is lacking and when Al Gore took center stage in this issue well, they had lost at the beginning. I am extremely conservative and I can guarantee that as a farmer and a forester that I have done much more in the way of conservation and protection of our environment than any lib.

Might as well ask why any scientific data is manipulated. People manipulate data on a regular basis about a variety of subjects. To point out one situation in the global climate change research area wherein a single university may or may not have manipulated data (you’ll note that there have been no convictions to that effect, all that’s currently gone into it has only proven that questionable emails were sent) is nothing new. Would you question the entirety of data based around bacterial infection mechanisms if someone manipulated data at one university proposing it? Of course not, it’s well proven elsewhere, one university makes no difference.

Let’s face it. Liberals love the idea of global warming because it’s nothing more than an excuse for our government to tax us to death and regulate our lives. It’s also another excuse to crush capitalism and usher in socialism under the guise of an ecological “emergency”.

That’s why I was skeptical about it from the start. You would think that liberals would be happy that it was proven to be a hoax but that would only be the case if they were truly concerned about the planet and our climate.

Very simple, because it is a power grabbing scheme. Can you imagine the money governments can squeeze out of the helpless taxpayers in the name of saving them from a non existent catastrophe.
The head global warming honcho Gore has already made millions and, besides, Liberals just love to give orders to the lesser mortals, because by their own admission they are ever so much smarter.

That’s exactly why.liberals know and knew if the real data was released people wouldn’t go for it. So they put a lot of crap out there got the liberal media and the liberals to fall for and made millions in the process..

It should not have to be manipulated. And the manipulation that took place is the most damning evidence of all that Gore and others participated in a grand conspiracy to play a hoax on the world. Gore should be tried before an international tribunal and make to stand in stockades in Siberia!

Power Grabbing is what the right wing and corporations do. You have to give it to John Boehner and the Republicans when it comes to looking out for their own interests. That would be $188,700 worth of interests in the form of campaign donations from coal, oil and gas lobbyists in 2008.

The Vacuous Mr. Boehner and the Energy Act

If this is the best that the Republican Party can do, then they’re in for a very long time in the wilderness.

Kyoto was a perfect example of American exceptional-ism They went crazy over this one ”we lead follow our lead We care only America would not ratify”’ So you can see this is not working out well for them
Just a few years back they had the embarrassment of being exposed over their claim that they [EU] gave more in aid than the U S
They have the embarrassment of the A380 and the GPS system that was going to upstage the U S best not to say anything at this time just work it into the conversation later

The problem with this talking point is that no data was manipulated. We really need to work on our GOP talking points so they cannot be easily debunked as pure lies, such as this one. The raw data is available for ANYONE to look at.

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