About my boyfriend.. i have only known him for 5months and have been dating him for 1month. we were close friends first so i got to meet him as a person.. he tells me he loves me and allot of things like that. i feel like he said it too soon. NOW, he keeps texting me that he doesn’t wanna date me if i don’t wanna…

first you’re 16. Forget marriage right now. And even if you were adults, if someone is pressuring you into getting married and giving you an ultimatum then it’s probably not worth it. If he really cared about you, he would consider how you feel and not just what he wants. Of course, use your judgement. If someone shows absolutely no desire for commitment and you’ve been together for a long time, then you should probably not waste your time. But in this case it seems like he wants to rush things. What makes it worse is that you’re both 16!

At your age emotions run easy and hot! That is why sex before marriage is such a stupid idea, people get all their emotions around the sex and do really stupid things! I’ve known alot of guys that will lie to a woman to get them in bed and then dump them to move on to the next…. victim. A woman giving it up before marriage is just asking to be lied to, cheated on, sexual diseases….. oops off topic, just a warning about jerks. 🙂

Tell him straight out that you wouldn’t want to talk about marriage until you have been dating a year and don’t want to get married until after college, you want to make sure you are right for each other. Besides at 16, have you even decided what you want to do with your life? University, College, military, pilot, nurse…..????

Dating is for finding the person you want to spend the next 60 years with and what he says makes sense… dating just for someone to go out with is a waste of time and money and you probably miss the good catch! But 1 month is just excitement and emotion and definitely early… it may be sincere (or not) and you to might still be together in 2070 but I would advice caution.

There are lots of different reasons you may be missing your period. It could be an issue with your thyroid, pituitary gland, or countless other things that cause an imbalance in your hormones. Even stress can lead to a missed period or two. Are you active in athletics? Sometimes exercising too much can cause you to skip your periods. Also if your body weight is too low you will not menstruate. I think the best thing to do is to see a doctor if it continues to be irregular. Your doctor can get a better idea of your medical history, and also run tests that might be necessary to figure out the cause.

I’m a guy, not exactly that old but I’ve watched people enough to know where this is headed.

You don’t need to go out with him if he’s saying that kind of thing to you. It sounds like he it taking things WAY to seriously and could possibly get controlling of you (though I don’t know for fact) There are lots of things that could go wrong if he is the controlling type.

And yes, he did say “I love you” too soon.

I would say, though it may be difficult, to save yourself trouble later on you should end this relationship.

I hope I could help you!

sorry but thats a lil funny and cute and the same time. lol. since you are 16 and you notice that this is a lil weird that says a lot about you. yeah im 22 and i think that is a lil scary myself. he is too young to be so aggressive and determined to marry. i think you should explain how you feel and if he flips out then thats an indication that he is crazy. if a guy really cares about you he would take your feelings into consideration. i hope this works for you…good luck!

hmm. I’m engaged and I’m 16. I don’t see what he is trying to do? Doesn’t make any sense? So let me get this straight? He doesn’t want to be with you unless your gonna marry him?
You need to be seriously strong headed when talking to him. Tell him to get you a promise ring if he wants to be with you, he needs to stop talking like that. Your young (just me) and you don’t know what you truly want. Just let him know you want to wait before you guys jump the gun. I’ve been with my man for a year, engaged for about 3 months. Just let him know your not ready for that commitment. You need to think about it. Is this the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with?? To love? Have kids? Things like that. You really need to think about. I’m not getting married tell about 18-20? But still just because he gives you a ring and you say “Yes” doesn’t mean it always works out.. So just think about it all okay? Write me back,

Just Ashley

Male hormones make guys want sex, and they sometimes try to force girls to have sex with them. Marriage, at age 16, sounds like one method to do this.

If you don’t feel ready, you are not ready. There is plenty of time.

If he is giving you an ultimatum, “put out or get out,” he is not a good person. You can do better. You can tell him that you can do better.

You probably feel that he is your whole universe and you love him dearly, but your love is misplaced if he is attempting to force you to marry or have sex.

well i kno were he is coming from as well as you =)

he wants to be wanted basically and probally is very clingy he has NO idea what a relationship is and is making a big mistake by doin that to you like he is. (which in experience, Ended my relationship for soing that) anyway just try to reason with him that its too soon for that and give it some more time (if you do not want to hurt his feelings too bad lol) it will hurt him but too minimise the pain try to be more close to him, talk to him more often, and literally get closer to him emotionally and physically.

ok ya thats a little weired, did you tell him that your young and you just want to enjoy the most of your relationship as it is now, and you dont want to complicate things that will not come for a while, you styill love him but its too soon to be talking about marrage, and see what he says!
Best Of Luck!!!

I’m with zaza..talk it through with him…seems like a creepy situation where he’s actually kinda crazy and gets too attached for anyones own good.

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