Is she too controlling? Is she being unreasonable?

I am a British male who is married to a woman from another country (Cebu city – The Philippines, to be exact) :- She is very jealous and doesn’t like my relationship with my father; she constantly digs at me with jibes of being nothing but a daddy’s boy –
When out in the supermarket she won’t allow me…

time for her to hit the road,she is trying to control you that’s for sure,i wonder how long you knew her before you married,not long enough by the sound of it,,,,,,you need to be happy with a wife,in love,not just have her just to have a wife,,,,if you are not happy it time to tell her and and lay down the rules,if she does not like it she can go back home,tell her to leave,i would be taking legal advise now to see how you can get out of this marriage with out being stung for money by her,,,,does she love and has married you because she loves you or is it you are a source of cash, for her and her family,,open your eyes my friend before you end up with an empty bank account and come home to find she has gone and your left looking like a fool…….it happens !!!!

She’s clearly trying to seperate you and make you her own since you’ve been married – to be honest this doesn’t sound good. You should stand up to her, and tell her you’ll buy what you want, and if she starts talking about money, tell her to cancel her phone contract!! This may end in a row?!

The fact that she’s deleting phone logs, and you’re checking her phone shows that there is a real issue of trust between both of you.

I think the best thing to do is (without being rude) Man-up – talk to her and tell her exactly what you want out of this marriage, otherwise it won’t last – or you’ll be a meek shy man with no one to help you out of difficult situations.

You both have faluts but that’s because your human. Don’t let her get you down and try working with her on addressing areas, but she will have to work with you on addressing her faults too.

Best of luck with it. And stay in touch with your dad no matter what – he’ll appreciate it!

Definitely not a normal behavior..and perhaps you make a wrong person as your wife..

1) what is wrong by you being close with your father?.. your father is the one who raised you up until now and suddenly when u get married to her…she want to kick your father out of your life?..what the heck..i’m a women and definitely would not agree with her behavior…

2) badmouthing husband??..not a good trait of wife… she should respect you as a husband and not sell your bad story to others person.. wife should respect husband and likewise..

3) Good relationship is where each of you have a freedom to do whatever you feel goods that would not causing harm to your relationship.. from your story it seems that she wants to control everything and perhaps you are the one who gave this opportunity to her in the first place. British always known as gentleman…but don’t be too gentle otherwise women will step on your head.. Stand yourself as a husband…makes her understand her place as a wife…and understand how to makes your relationship beautiful…

she is very weird, if you and your father have a good relationship then all the best and she has her friends too, there is a lot of jealousy there. I would like to live with that kind of person and wouldn’t even try marital help because she wants it to accuse you of many things you don’t deserve, why would you need marital help because you get on with your family, she’s the one with the problem and needs to deal with it by herself if she wants to keep you and see a psy. If you can’t even buy meat why does she buy readymade meals as it is expensive in the long term more expensive than buying meat and vegetables.

It is unacceptable when a partner tries to come between a relationship with a family member, I also find it strange that she deletes all of her call logs…
It sounds like she is trying to alienate you from your family and control everything you do; the cider, what you eat, etc.
Maybe try talking to her or seeking advice from your family/friends…

I’m surprised you have to ask! There’s nothing wrong or bad with being close to your father, your wife is taking controlling to a new level. You’re going to have to grow a set and get her under control unless you want to live like this forever. Good luck.

I am sorry to tell you but she sounds like a bad partner to be around,way to much controlling and selfish.
If things are like this now then imagine how its going to be later,I don’t want to butt in people’s business but my opinion is to find some one else.

Don’t let her control you tell her what is happening that you don’t like

She is definately unreasonable, she may need psychiatric help.

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