My mom wants to commit suicide?

I don’t know what to do. My mother wants to commit suicide and I dont know how to stop her. She blames it in me because we fight a lot. She told me today was her last day and she’s gunna shoot herself tonight and I don’t know what to do can anyone help

It isn’t your fault at all! You have to report this now! Don’t ever dismiss someone saying they are going to commit suicide as they are just trying to hurt you. Your mother needs help. Remember you have done nothing wrong at all! Please do not blame yourself. Make the phone call in private so she doesn’t hear you and tell them everything. Guns are dangerous honey! Please call now and be safe! Take care! xxx Hugs

I was raised by a suicidal mom. Please put in a call to the MHMR dept. in your state.She needs HELP. Anyone that talks about suicide MUST be taken seriously. We had my mom committed to a psychiatric facility for 72 hours, she agreed to be treated at that time and it really made a difference. I was 14 at the time and now I am 48 and my Mom is still with me, she lives here with me, and is now, again depressed, but she had about 30 really great years before slipping back down the slippery slope. Talk to your Dad, he is a crucial part of this, my Dad left us and I had to deal as the oldest kid at home.

First off not to be rude, but I’ve read the comments underneath of this and people who commit suicide aren’t stupid they have problems that need resolved. I, and I’m sure many others, do not appreciate when people say that. However, if you really think she is going to do it you need to call for professional help so that she can be taken care of to prevent that action. If it was me i would call the local police and tell them the issue to see what process they suggest.

Call 911 immediately and report it so that the authorities will be able to place your mother in a setting in which she will receive treatment.

She is currently in a state of being a danger to herself and thus would fall under the category of requiring psychological help (which more than likely be that of a hospital setting).

You need to seriously accept the fact that she does require medical treatment and that you need to be the one to cause this treatment to occur.

Please do not waste any time in procuring this treatment. The longer you wait, the more intense and successful this act will become.

Hi Alex (if I may call you that),

It sounds like you and your mum are having a hard time. From what you told us the situation sounds urgent and your mum need your mum needs urgent attention.

If your mum is at imidiate risk of harm (meaning she is about to or is currently engaging in risky behaviours) call the police. If not I would call your local hospital and ask for the mental health team.

This is a very hard thing to do but remember that it is not your fault and she is sick and needs urgent medical intervention. She may not want that help, but in the long run your saving her life.

Please call the hospital ASAP or the police and remember it is not your fault she is sick.

My thoughts are with you

Honestly that is so selfish of her to do when she’s got a daughter she needs to take care of. Tell her that you know you guys fight but all mothers and daughters do and that you love her so much and would be lost without her and beg her not to go.

Anyone who commits suicide is completely selfish, tell her straight up that she’s a dumb *** for even considering suicide.

i would tell someone around you. thats not cool. if something happens… ITS NOTYOUR FAULT!

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