Need help with my ex boyfriend?

Me and my ex split the thursday before last we were together for nearly 4 years and have been through a lot together. Last week he was telling me he loved me an we got into an arguement which he asked if I wanted to sort things but I was crying and didn’t answer so he walked out… That night we spoke an he…

Giiiirl, I’m gonna say this in the nicest way possible… Have some self-respect!! and leave that douche alone. Really, what do you need him for? You really want a guy that plays mind games… Today he is yes… Tomorrow he is no. So he’s madly in love with you and wants to work things one minute then he calls you fat and would rather take other girls home the next. Let him be! And you my friend, just hold onto your dignity and have that self-control to not go calling him and texting him. I’m sure thats what he wants… Its like he’s got you right where he wants you and you’re being stupid enough to run after a bum like him. You’re gonna be better off without him. Its like a natural thing for you to want to get back with your ex as soon as you break up (I’ve been there lols) but TRUUUUST ME at the end of it all… when you overcome your sorrows from this breakup, its all worth it. I know you miss him but girl why do you tend to forget why yous broke up in the first place!! Getting back with him won’t change anything that happened prior to the break up. And keep in mind, he isn’t the only boy in this world! (although it feels this way right now). You better avoid all the places he goes to or else…. hha kidding. But seriously, the more you avoid him, the less you’ll feel compelled to talk to him or miss him. Always keep your friends close, hang out with them and in couple of months you can walk right past him without feeling the need to get back with him. Then you will understand that he was such a douche to you for making you believe that yous were gonna work out… and that everything happens for a reason :)) *τhe вest feeling ιn the ωord ιs ɾeαlιzing you’re ρerfecτly hαρρy ωithout the thιng you τhought you needed most.” I know this is long but someone had to say it lols. Goodluck, Take care :] And btw, delete his number off your phone, his email off your contacts list, his page off your profile IMMEDIATELY!! 😉 lols

he cheated on you!

god, you sound like my *****

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