NRHH: What is your favorite Beatles album?

Mine is probably either Magical Mystery Tour or the White Album

BQ: How does your favorite RHH album compare to your favorite NRHH album?

BQ2: If you’ve heard them, do you prefer El-P’s Fantastic Damage or I’ll Sleep When You’re Dead album?

Revolver > Abbey Road > Rubber Soul > Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band > Magical Mystery Tour > The White Album > Let It Be > Help!

That is my opinion on the albums I have of them. Revolver used to be one of my favorite NRHH albums of all time. I sincerely think they have the best discography of all time, taking into consideration consistency and all the legendary albums they’ve produced.

BQ: NRHH album > RHH album

BQ2: Fantastic Damage, I’ve only heard songs from each though.

Rubber Soul>Revolver>Abbey Road>The Beatles(White Album)>SGT. Peppers

BQ: Ok Computer>The Cold Vein

BQ2: Fantastic Damage

Black Sabbath is super. I even get right into slightly bit Simon and Garfunkel. some ozRock is solid chilly Chisel, The Angels, Rose Tattoo and AC/DC. i’ve got consistently been a brilliant fan of The conflict too. My brother has thousands of that music stuff like the Byrds, Uriah Heap, Jefferson airplane, Fleetwood Mac, Santana, The doors, Bob Dylan, Deep pink, Donovan, The Animals.

White Album, Past Masters, or Abbey Road

Abbey Road

Abbey Road

BQ: I’ve liked Siamese Dream (Smashhing Pumpkins) a lot longer than Black Star. I f I had to take one, I’d probably take Siamese Dream.

BQ2: N/A

Abbey Road

BQ: Small Talk at 125th & Lenox = illmatic, i really cant decide between the 2…

Haven’t heard one of their albums before. I’ve heard snippets of what I think was The White Album, which wasn’t bad.

BQ: I don’t think I have a definitive favorite NRHH album right now, but I’d still take my favorite RHH album over it I think.

With the Beatles OR Rubber Soul…picking just one is hard…

BQ: I like them for various reason…hard to compare subjectively or objectively…
BQ2: N/A


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