Poll: Have you ever flipped off another driver?

If so, what for?

all the time. its as common as turn signals

I avoid flipping them off, as there have been too many road rage killings. I do put their names in the Big Book of people who will NOT get into Heaven. I just get far away from the idiots, because that cop might not know the difference and stop me instead! I will drop way back, use my cell to call the tag and vehicle description in to my local 911 about the “drunk driver”, and usually, within about ten minutes, he/she/drunk/druggie/Soccer Mom, will be on the road side, “esplanin’ they’s problims” and why they have no license, lost the registration, and can’t find the insurance card! I also do not honk as I go by. But, I do have the biggest grin you ever saw! All the police know me, and love me, for generating so much revenue for our city!

NOPE, because i cant drive yet. ahah

permit count down: 9 more months!

and I’m totally against the whole “flipping off” another driver thing…
what if they were having a bad day and they just couldn’t pay attention to the road because their day has been so bad (example: someone died in their life, boyfriend/ girlfriend broke up with them, they found out they were going to to die in 3 months, etc.)


All the time!!

Yes, one time they flipped me off first, and then once for cutting me off. D!cks.

a few times, I figure its just not worth it to get upset with dumb a** drivers…

Yeah, because they cut me up the bastardddd!!!

I wish I had the guts :p

Duh it was dared :O

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