R&P: What is your favorite decade of music? 60s? 70s? 80s? 90s? or 00s?

I would have to say the 70s were amazing but the 90s are at my top.

80’s. Thrash, black, and death metal all started then.

The 70’s



I feel like music has progressively changed, not necessarily for the best, over time. I think that the 60’s and 70’s set the standards for great music and not many bands have lived up to those decades.


The 60s is where it all evolved and I like the late 60s the best, but I grew up on the 80s and came of age so to speak on the early 90s.

The 60’s.


The 80’s is my favorite.

i like every one of those decades because they all have great bands worth listening to

which decade(s) do i listen to the most?
70’s and 80’s

I’m an 80’s whore. I like A LOT of music made in the 80’s…
Basically everything I listen to was made then.

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