Should all public workers have collective bargaining power over tax-payers to demand more money and benefits?

As of now, 26 states do not permit and public workers to have collective bargaining.

Even today after new law is passed, Wisconisn public workers have significantly more collective bargaining power than the majority of public workers and more than federal workers.

Historically, public workers have been able…

You have explained the Wisconsin situation well. Why shouldn’t tax payers have more say in these negotiations when it raises our property taxes. We have put up with this fleecing long enough.

Time to vote these Democrats out when they fork over tax payers hard earned income for votes.

They are basically paying for votes with our money. Unions give to the Democrats and the Dems give our money to the unions.

Time to ween these cry babies off of the teat of tax payers.

Collective bargaining is not specifically for higher wages or benefits. It simply provides a document (contract) that spells out working conditions, solutions to specific issues, and, lately, how many furlough hours, for instance, we are going to give up work to help the our county government balance it’s budget, and what percentage our pay will be reduced in the next 3 years to help the county government balance it’s budgets. People think they know what goes on with Public Unions, but they only know from what talking heads tell them, not from personal experience, but you don’t believe those with personal experience. We, in our county as public workers, do not make more than the private workers in the same kinds of jobs, but county jobs are more dependable because one can’t be laid off because someone’s relative, lover, or freind wants that job….we are protected in that way.

When people talk about “tax payers money”, do they mean they simply don’t want the work done? Or is it that they want it done by private companies? Because if it’s the latter, it must be remembered that private companies do work for a profit …. the bottom line. That means just like in the rest of the private world, work will have corners cut, not done on time, not done well, and eventually when there is no competition from the publict sector, the prices will go up dramatically. And remember, the lowest bidder gets the job in the private company world. Do you want anything done by those who will do it lower, becuase lower simply, NEVER means a better job, it just means cheaper. Take a look at what China imports to us….is it better or just cheaper, is that what the US is being reduced to?

What also come to mind is why is it that people don’t seem to mind that for every dollar taken away from the working people of America in these state gov. budgets, is given to the upper 1% in the way of tax reductions and loopholes? why doesn’t that count? Don’t say it’s because they are the ones who create jobs, because then I’d have to ask, so where ARE the jobs they create? Well, I guess if you count China, Mexico, and all the other overseas countries, you’d have your answer, and I’d have mine.

*sigh* it’s not “over taxpayers.” Taxpayers aren’t the ones paying them, that’s a misconception. Tax dollars are used in payment, but then I’d question what makes lobbyists, who lobby for far more taxpayer dollars, more reasonable bargainers.

But onto your general point. First off, public workers have not been able to negotiate better than average deals. In a case-by-case comparison between workers in the private and public sectors where similar jobs are compared, public workers almost always make less. Second, the government does have money at stake. Funding for public workers comes at the expense of doing other things. It’s the same as private companies. The money is theirs, they can do with it as they wish. The source of that money for private companies is also taxpayers, the difference is that it’s not taxes. What makes consumer money something that’s at stake for private companies and taxpayer money something not at stake for the government? Third, I think it’s pretty obvious in a lot of cases that the allowance of public unions hasn’t caused any appreciable harm. Increased wages and benefits for public workers hardly makes a dent in the budgets that even states set up, let alone the federal government. It’s pretty absurd to be targeting public workers and their unions as the main source of problems when they’ve got such stringent competition as defense spending, social security and Medicaid.

Collective bargaining has created the death of the yankee financial equipment. maximum folk have come to understand this and unions have fallen to their lowest point ever. steel and textiles thoroughly left the rustic because of the fact of unions, automobiles made in u.s. could no longer compete with imports, Our instructors are the worst in the international and u.s. ranks between the worst knowledgeable while placed next to different industrialized countries. the U. S. government have been financing the airlines marketplace to maintain it afloat because of the unions. the challenge with any unionized federal, state or community government workers is they are paid via taxpayers funds. So theoretically the unions must be bargaining with the taxpayer for wages and reward. i ask your self what the common non-government worker would say some tax boost to furnish a central authority worker a pay advance in those tough situations. No rather they good take care of our elected officers who would desire to come to a call to advance taxes and take the warmth from the taxpayer. I have not got any admire for Jimmy Carter or his administration because of the Iran fiasco. He became the worst President ever elected in the U. S.; up formerly.

You seam to think that unions get everything they ask for which i’m sure doesn’t happen. It takes two to make a contract. Why aren’t you mad at the people who do the bargaining for the government if they don’t agree then it doesn’t happen. Also states with union representation are not in any better shape financially than those that don’t. The bottom line is the politicians that are elected don’t do their jobs.

public employees are also taxpayers — HA!!

Average public employee salary + cost of benefits + pension >>> employee tax burden.

That symbol “>>>” means ‘much greater than “, in case you didn’t know it, Luka.

Public entities (Federal, state, and local governments) MUST economize to keep the burden down.

And this doesn’t even take into account the efficiency factor of a ‘public employee’ versus their private counterpart : 10 – 40% at BEST.


Public workers are tax payers.

No, absolutely not unless all labor agreements become ballot issues to be decided on by only tax-paying voters.

Unions are parasitic in nature as are our elected officials. The situation we seem to be in is that our ticks have worms and this is bleeding us dry.

I say we nead to look back at Americas past and ask how did it work back then and make new ideas for today.

and yes workers should have that right

these unions are nothing but stealing crooks. Collective bargaining is NOT a right.

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